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How the League of Women Voters Enables the GOP’s Aversion to Transparency

The Mission Statement of the League of Women Voters says it “…encourages informed and active participation in government [and] works to increase understanding of major public policy issues…”

One of the ways it purports to accomplish this is by conducting debates between various political candidates. Last night, the League sponsored a debate between the Democrats and Republicans running for two seats on the Burlington County Board of Freeholders. But the representatives from the League clearly ignored their Mission Statement.

Election Day News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011

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Carl Lewis’ NJ Senate Campaign Kickoff (Redux)

The Carl Lewis saga continues to play out in the 9-time-Olympic Champ’s favor, despite the Burlington Republican machine’s concerted efforts to have him throw off the ballot. The BurlCoGOP likes things the quick-n-easy way for reasons too numerous to name here.

Anyway check of this video where Carl discusses issues like education, the millionaire’s tax and jobs. Nadia Comaneci and Doctor Freud come as well.

Oilman Runyan

We posted over this last night with an update about the Dem state conference changes – sorry, deciminyan – so I’m pulling it up top for a bit. –  Rosi

For many years, my wife and I have been lucky enough to take a week’s vacation every summer on Long Beach Island. We look forward to a time of relaxation and enjoyment of the pristine beaches. But during his first term in office, Congressman Jon Runyan is working to take that pleasure away from us.

Working in lock-step with his Republican colleagues, Runyan is actively promoting off-shore oil drilling in the Atlantic and providing the wealthy oil companies (i.e his campaign contributors) with more financial benefits – as if they need them.

To be fair, Runyan is delivering on campaign promises. I don’t understand why Ocean County residents would vote for someone who will put their tourism industry in jeopardy, but they did.

Now Runyan is making it even more attractive for oil companies to drill. He voted on a bill to allow these companies to obtain new leases, even while they owe the government payments for fines from previous sins. And while he’s voting to cut Medicare in the (false) name of fiscal responsibility, he also voted against elimination of taxpayer subsidies to oil companies.

Drilling off the Atlantic coast is not the way to solve our insatiable lust for energy. It’s not a matter of whether an oil spill will devastate Atlantic beaches, it’s just a matter of when and how badly.

Our vacations on LBI have become even more cherished over the last couple of years, as we have started a family tradition of having our grandson (and his parents!) visit us at the beach each summer. They live 300 miles from the nearest ocean, so this is a special time for our grandson as well as us. Let’s hope that Runyan’s pro-oil, anti-tourism approach magically avoids Murphy’s Law and that we don’t see a repeat of the BP disaster in our back yard. For our grandson’s sake and the sake of all those kids who love the beach.

How many more years will my son and grandson be able to enjoy LBI if Oilman Runyan has his way?

Republicans Cry Out for More Taxes

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No, this is not an Onion headline.   It’s true.

Medford is a town in Burlington County, and it’s as Republican as you can get.  Assemblyman Scott Rudder hails from there, and Chris Myers (John Adler’s opponent in 2008) is its Deputy Mayor.  Last year, Chris Christie carried the township with 60% of the vote in a three-way race.

So why at a public meeting this week were township residents clamoring for a tax increase?

find out below the fold