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NJ-4:Chris Smith-Fact 34:He voted No on More Dwell Time for our Troops

Over the 35 weeks before Election Day we are counting down the 35 facts Chris Smith doesn’t want you to know about his record. We’ll be compiling the facts at http://ChrisSmithFacts.blogspo…

Fact #34: Chris Smith Voted Against Additional Dwell Time for our Troops

“Voters deserve to know why Chris Smith opposed granting our over-deployed troops adequate dwell time to rest with their friends and family.”

Chris Smith says that he wants to run on his record in Congress. Unfortunately, there are parts of his record that voters may find less than appealing.

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NJ-4:Chris Smith-Fact 35: His Vote Nixed Troop Bonuses

Over the next 35 weeks before Election Day, the Josh Zeitz campaign will be counting down the 35 facts Chris Smith doesn’t want you to know about his record. We’ll be compiling the facts on our new website http://ChrisSmithFacts.blogspo…  

I’ll post the text of this first one here.

Chris Smith cast the deciding vote against pay bonuses for our troops serving overseas, while voting annually for huge Congressional pay raises.

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Josh Zeitz: Liveblog on Dkos-8:30AM Tuesday

I just wanted to let all of you know that Josh Zeitz, Democratic candidate for the U.S. House in NJ-4 challenging incumbent Chris Smith, will be posting a diary and liveblogging here on Dkos at 8:30 AM (EST), on Tuesday morning. If you have any questions you'd like him to have in advance, please feel free to email me at ian_at_joshzeitz_dot_com. I will pass the questions along and Josh will try to answer them. I am a volunteer and Josh's Netroots Outreach Coordinator.

I apologize for such a brief diary, I was looking for an openthread but didn't see one. Thanks. 

Will the GOP retirement wave wash out any NJ incumbents?

This is pure idle speculation for a Saturday afternoon, but i’ve been reading many of the articles lately talking about the retirement wave that seems to be building among House Republicans…

Hastert’s announcement – coupled with similar ones Thursday by Ohio Rep. Deborah Pryce and Mississippi Rep. Charles W. “Chip” Pickering Jr. – brought to five the number of House Republicans who are not seeking re-election next year, compared with two on the Democratic side.  While nearly 15 months remain until the November 2008 election, the retirement decisions of Hastert, Pryce and Pickering will stoke speculation of a larger “wave” of GOP departures that would seriously hamper the party’s quest to make the 16-seat gain that they need to regain the House majority they lost last November.

So facing the prospects of at least 2 more years in the minority and possibly some tough re-election challenges, will any of NJ’s Republican Congress Members be swept up in the current of the retirement wave?

  • Mike Ferguson was first elected to Congress in 2000.  Will he leave office with the President that has led him down this path he has traveled rather than face what looks to be another tough challenge from Linda Stenderwith National Support from the DCCC because they have already identified him as a top 10 target?  Will he choose to spend more time with his four young children and make more in the private sector as possibly a lobbyist?  While he’s not a likely voluntary departure, could you blame him?
  • Jim Saxton was elected to Congress in 1984.  He has served for 24 years by the time election day comes around and has not really faced many serious, well funded opponents along the way.  The landscape of the 3rd has been changing with Democrats picking up seats in towns across the district and signals have pointed to Senator John Adler mounting a challenge including a radio ad that is currently being run by the DCCC.  Will he forgo a serious fight to retain the seat this time around?
  • Frank LoBiondo came to Congress in the Republican wave of 1994.  The landscape is much different 14 years later. Now he is acknowledging that he is a target this time around and he will have to defend his role in the Deepwater Disaster.  With rumors of a well known candidate such as Jeff Van Drew or Jim Whelan challenging him for the seat, might he return to the family business running the trucking company?
  • Chris Smith will have served for 28 years since his election in 1980 with Ronald Reagan.
  • Scott Garrett has the shortest tenure in Congress for NJ Republicans with 6 years since his election in 2002.
  • Rodney Frelinghuysen has also served in office since his election in ’94 with LoBiondo.

    They have been in congress for an average of 15.5 years each.  While I would not say it’s likely any of these incumbents wouldn’t seek re-election, you could ask yourself if any of them might find better reasons to not take up the fight this time around?  The bigger question is what are YOU doing in your area to help make their decision irrelevant?  The time to plan for these races is now!

  • OC Observer Endorses Menendez, Gay and Sexton

    The Ocean County Observer today made its endorsements for this Tuesday’s elections…

    Incompetence, arrogance, and a lack of accountability are trademarks of the Bush administration and its backers in Congress. That is why we are parting company with men we have supported before for Congress. They have become lapdogs when we need watchdogs in Washington.

    On Menendez/Kean

    Menendez knows what it is to be poor. He is the product of Cuban parents who settled in New Jersey. Their son has lived the American dream. When his mettle was tested, he raised his right hand and testified against his political mentor in a corruption trial. That takes guts. That takes a man.

    Menendez opposed Bush’s catastrophic decision to invade Iraq.

    He has been a fighter for working people, middle-class Americans and those who wish they were.

    His opponent was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, has been given every advantage, including appointments to the state Assembly and Senate. He has run a despicable campaign of personal destruction.