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Evening Campaign Roundup

There was alot of campaign related news today, so I decided to do an evening roundup.

Responding to the Bush/McCain proposal to repeal a drilling moratorium that has been in place since 1982, Governor Corzine joined Senators Lautenberg and Menedez along with Congressman Pallone to call for a permanent ban on offshore drilling…

Pallone, Lautenberg and Menendez’s legislation would prohibit the U.S. Department of Interior from issuing leases for exploration, development or production of oil, natural gas or any other mineral from Maine to North Carolina.

In NJ-5, Dennis Shulman issued a statement this afternoon opposing the FISA Legislation…

The President, his advisers, and his rubber stamps in Congress, including Scott Garrett, have demonstrated a pattern of disregard for the laws of the United States. This bill not only immunizes telecom companies from lawsuits, but it would also block the American people from ever knowing the full extent of the Bush Administration’s illegal behavior.

I urge my fellow Democrats in the Senate to vote against this unnecessary and deeply troubling law.  I believe that Congress must protect the rights of citizens and the laws of our country from career politicians in Washington too willing to cave to special interests and endanger the fundamental rights that we, as Americans, hold so dear.

The race in NJ-4 sees Josh Zeitz attempting to hit Chris Smith for donating $2000 to Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi after the Congressman’s office was raided by the FBI…

Why did Chris Smith feel it was important to give cash to an obviously corrupt Congressman? No other Member of Congress made such a show of solidarity. We know Smith went out of his way to show his support, because Renzi was the only campaign to receive a contribution from Smith during the reporting period.

The race in NJ-3 has John Adler talking issues with the voters at the first of his town hall meetings tonight in Mount Laurel, while his opponent Chris Myers tries to lob an attack over Adler’s support for School Construction Funding in the budget.

NJ-4: Chris Smith Opposed Bankruptcy Protection for Our Troops

In 2004 and 2005 Smith voted against protecting our servicemen and servicewomen from bankruptcy. In 2005, George Bush signed into law harsher bankruptcy rules for American facing heavy levels of debt. Chris Smith voted against measures against extending special bankruptcy protections to deployed servicemen and servicewomen. [Vote # 107 2005, Vote #9 2004]

This year, roughly half of New Jersey’s National Guard is being actively deployed to Iraq. According to recent data, over forty percent of Guardsman and Reservists lose income when they leave their civilian jobs for active duty. Many reservists left thinking they would be deployed for 6 months and have ended up staying for a year or even longer and may be shipped out again. Additionally, many military families face difficult financial challenges. Over 20% of military families report having received WIC aid or food stamps from the government. [Los Angles Time 5/16/05; Washington Post/Kaiser Foundation Military Families Survey March 2004]

Instead of offering reasonable protections to members of the military, Chris Smith voted to raise his salary by $32,600 since 1999. [CRS: Salaries of Members of Congress Updated January 8, 2008; 1999 Vote #300; 2000 Vote #419; 2001 House Vote #267; 2002 House Vote #322; 2003 House Vote #463; 2004 House Vote #451; 2005 House Vote #327; 2006 vote #261; 2007 Vote #580]

“While Chris Smith was busy raising his own salary he was also denying bankruptcy protection to servicemen and servicewomen who are taking a pay cut to fight for their country. They deserve an explanation,” said Josh Zeitz campaign manager Steve D’Amico.

This kind of vote is exactly why we need to elect Josh Zeitz and bring Chris Smith back to New Jersey. I know you know that already, so if you can volunteer, please email me at: ian_at_joshzeitz_dot_com. To learn more about Josh and his stance on the issues, please visit his website.

Josh Zeitz (NJ-4): Gas Station Rip-Offs Unacceptable

Below is a blog post from the Josh Zeitz for Congress campaign. Josh is a Democrat challenging Republican incumbent (and anti-choice caucus chair) Chris Smith in NJ-4.

With gas prices at $4/gallon, the last thing New Jersey drivers deserve is to get ripped off by gas station owners. I read recently about the inspections conducted by law enforcement of over 1000 gas stations in all 21 counties of our state. Any violations would be unacceptable, but over 350 station owners, more than one in three, were found in violation.

You know, this past weekend I walked through two precincts in Bordentown Township and attended the really amazing Florence Occasion in the Park. People told me they were fed up with the high cost of gas, and one specifically brought up how many gas stations were cited for cheating drivers at the pump.  

Like most of you, I am outraged at these violations, which Attorney General Anne Milgram said are in all likelihood intentional attempts to deceive consumers. I’m glad that these inspections took place and that drivers can now be more confident that they are at least getting what they are paying four dollars a gallon for. I would suggest they mandate more frequent inspections.

It’s for reasons like this that I support strict criminal penalties for price gouging. The law has to protect drivers not only from gas station owners but also from the Big Oil companies who are making record profits and still receiving outrageous subsidies from our governments in Washington. We need measures that investigate price fixing by Oil Cartels like OPEC as well as unfair and ridiculous prices set by the biggest oil producers in the United States.

You can read more about where I stand on gas prices in my last post, available at: http://blog.joshzeitz.com/inde…


I’m going to stick around for comments. If you are interested in volunteering for the campaign, please contact me at ian_at_joshzeitz_com. I am a volunteer myself, and serve as Josh’s Netroots Outreach Coordinator.

Gov. Corzine Strong for Josh Zeitz (NJ-4)

The race in New Jersey’s 4th District is heating up, and NJ Dems are rallying around Josh Zeitz.

I would like to call your attention to this article, and to the strong backing Josh Zeitz has received from Governor Corzine (and the New Jersey Democratic Party leadership in general). Josh is going to defeat antichoice caucus chair and Bush-backer Chris Smith, and the fact that Jon Corzine is working energetically on his behalf makes clear that leading NJ Dems think so as well. Here’s just what the Gov. has been up to:

Corzine spearheaded a Zeitz fund-raising event at a Trenton restaurant last week, and plugged the professor’s candidacy at his governor’s gala for the State Democratic Committee last night.

While having his home state Governor’s support is fabulous, Josh also needs help, and especially volunteers, from politically active NJ Democrats, and Blue Jersey readers are that and then some.

Please take a look at his website, and email me at ian_at_joshzeitz_dot_com if you’d like to volunteer.


Josh Zeitz (NJ-4): 5th Graders See Crisis at Pump

Below is a blog post from the Josh Zeitz for Congress campaign. Josh is a Democrat challenging Republican incumbent (and anti-choice caucus chair) Chris Smith in NJ-4.

Today, I paid $3.88 per gallon to fill up my car. Accustomed as I am to living on a history teacher’s salary, I know how much these high gas prices hurt, and how they impact everything else we buy.

Recently, I had the privilege of speaking with 5th grade students at the Leadership Academy Charter School in Trenton about the issues they feel are important in this year’s election. Nearly every student talked about how hard it was for their parents to afford the rising cost of gas. They also knew that when the price of gas goes up, so does the cost of food, clothing, and other basic necessities. The problem is so obvious that even fifth graders realize we’re in a crisis, yet our leaders in Washington have let this problem fester so long that it’s squeezing New Jersey families to the breaking point.

More after the jump.


ACTION: WRITE LTE’s for Zeitz (NJ-4)

Josh Zeitz, the Democratic candidate in NJ-4 challenging long-term (and House anti-choice chair) Rep. Chris Smith, needs your help to respond to a poorly researched column that appeared in yesterday’s Trenton Times.

George Amick, in his column “Perennial defeats seem likely again,” writes that Josh has no chance of winning because, “Recently, Smith has outspent his opponents by as much as 15 to 1 and has gone on to defeat them by up to 2-to-1 margins… Zeitz of Bordentown, a writer and teacher, has vowed to campaign door to door in an all-out effort to unseat Smith. It’s the typical Smith opponent’s solution to the no-money, no-name-recognition problem, and it hasn’t worked yet.”

What makes this column so shocking is its startling inaccuracy. Josh Zeitz has already raised more money that the last three challengers combined and actually outraised Chris Smith in the most recent FEC reporting period.


Josh Zeitz on Blue Jersey Radio

Josh Zeitz
Josh Zeitz, NJ-4 Congressional Candidate

Wow – Josh is like a well-oiled machine – on message, full of energy and very smart. If those fundraising numbers hold up, this thing could get really interesting. Listen. – JG

Each week, Blue Jersey Radio streams LIVE with New Jersey’s latest political buzz, interviews with newsmakers, and your stimulating calls.

This week: Our guest is NJ-4 Congressional Candidate Josh Zeitz, who is taking on Rep. Chris Smith in a District the local Dems have been aiming to take back for a few cycles now. Can Josh finally pull it off in 2008? Find out what he’s got planned.

We’ll take your calls starting at 8:00 p.m. at:

(646) 652-2773

Talk to you then!

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NJ-4:Chris Smith Spends No Time in NJ

According to a new report at NJ Politicker.com, Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ-4) rarely visits his district. This bit of information is not widely known, but it soon will be, and provides another opening for Democrat Josh Zeitz to make his case.

The article speaks for itself:

When Rep. Chris Smith was first elected to the House, he was brand new to the Washington scene. But after 27 years of representing New Jersey in Congress, Smith has spent almost half of his life living in Virginia. [snip]

In 2000, Smith spent 73 days and 41 nights in his district, according to Congressional spending reports. That’s 20% of his days (including travel days) and 11.23% of his nights. Since then, records show the number of days Smith spent in New Jersey has decreased almost every year.

More after the jump.

NJ-4:Chris Smith-Fact 33: Chris Smith Voted Against Tax Rebates for Military Families

Each week between now and Election Day, we will reveal one more surprising fact about Chris Smith’s record in Congress.

Fact # 33: Chris Smith voted against expanding the child tax credit to 250,000 low income military families. Nearly one in five children of active-duty U.S. military families would have benefited from the proposed tax credit. Military families would have received an immediate check for $400 per child and a $1,000 tax credit per child each year. [Vote #275 6/12/2003, Vote #370 7/16/03, USA Today 6/4/2003]

According to research, many military families face difficult financial challenges. Over 20% of military families report having received WIC aid or food stamps from the government. Additional tax rebates would have helped our military families get by while their loved ones were serving overseas. [Washington Post/Kaiser Foundation Military Families Survey March 2004]

Of course, nothing stopped Chris Smith from voting to raise his own pay by $32,600. [CRS: Salaries of Members of Congress Updated January 8, 2008; 1999 Vote #300; 2000 Vote #419; 2001 House Vote #267; 2002 House Vote #322; 2003 House Vote #463; 2004 House Vote #451; 2005 House Vote #327; 2006 vote #261; 2007 Vote #580]

“Before veterans are veterans, they are servicemen and servicewomen. Military families have made tremendous sacrifices for our nation, but Chris Smith voted against basic tax credits for the neediest military families. Voters deserve to know why.” said Josh Zeitz campaign manager Steve D’Amico.


New Jersey Dems Commemorate The 5th Anniversary

Promoted from the diaries — Juan

Today, a number of New Jersey Democrats, both in office and seeking office this November, released statements on the fifth anniversary of the start of Bush’s disastrous Iraq misadventure.

Bob Menendez ~

…”We cannot continue to throw American lives and American money at a situation that neither will resolve. There are no good solutions to the conflict in Iraq, only better and worse options for the United States. The best option is to bring our troops home as quickly and safely as possible. Sadly, if the President and his Republican allies in Congress continue to block Democratic efforts to transition out of Iraq, it seems that only the upcoming election gives our nation any hope of believing that this sixth year of war is the last one we will be forced to endure.”

Read more here…

Frank Lautenberg ~

“For five years, our troops have done their duty with bravery, answered every call and served above and beyond their commitments.  And for five years, President Bush’s leadership has failed to live up to their service and their sacrifice.  It is time for the President to get the Iraqi government to live up to its commitments and start to bring our troops home.”

Linda Stender ~

On the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq, it is time our nation comes together to bring our troops home and set a timetable for withdrawal within a year. Nearly 4,000 American soldiers have lost their lives and 29,000 have been wounded in a war should never should have been waged.

“We have the best military in the world, but our soldiers should not have to referee a civil war while the Iraqi political leaders sit idly on the sidelines. President Bush continues to spend more than $12 billion dollars per month to fund a war that the majority of Americans disagree with. While the biggest sacrifice is the nearly 4,000 brave American soldiers who lost their lives and 29,000 additional wounded soldiers, we continue to dangerously neglect American priorities. With more than $3 trillion spent in total on the war, our schools, hospitals, bridges, and military readiness have all suffered. We are on the brink of a recession, American families are struggling, it’s time to bring our troops home so we can again focus on making America stronger.”

John Adler ~

“Nearly five years ago, President Bush rushed us into an ill-advised war in Iraq without a plan to win the peace or an exit strategy to bring our brave American troops home. In doing so, our President took the focus off the war against al Qaeda terrorist network that attacked us on Sept. 11, 2001. Instead of being bogged down in a civil war in Iraq, we must focus our military efforts on finding Osama bin Laden and destroying the al Qaeda terror network in Afghanistan.

“It is time for President Bush to put an end to our involvement in Iraq in a swift, honorable and responsible way. The war has claimed nearly 4,000 American lives and sent tens of thousands of our young men and women home with serious injuries. It will cost American taxpayers in the excess of $2 trillion.”

Read more here…