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Fossil Fuel Fiasco

In Burlington Township this afternoon, along with local elected officials, NJ-3 congressional candidate Jim Keady held a press conference to decry the plethora of pipelines that are being proposed across South Jersey. While many mayors and councils are working hard to…
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Clean and Green

BY DECIMINYAN Last night, a dozen civic and environmental organizations conducted a “Clean and Green” forum at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Trenton. Despite the inclement weather, a group of about 40 involved residents came to hear presenations on various…
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An Environment-Friendly Republican

BY DECIMINYAN New Jersey’s Republican state legislators usually follow in lock-step with their anti-environment, pro-dirty fuel governor. One breath of fresh air in the GOP caucus is State Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman who consistently receives good legislative grades from environmental…
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Protesting Problematic Pipelines

It seems as if New Jersey, the corridor between New York City and Philadelphia, has also become the corridor for another type of traffic – this one more toxic and harmful than the frequent backups on the Jersey Turnpike. That traffic is in the form of fossil fuel pollutants and the vehicles are pipelines.

Pipelines may be a “cheap” way to transport Pennsylvania shale gas to refineries in New Jersey, because the cost analysis almost never includes the money that is spent for the inevitable leaks, the health care expenses, and the damage to our pristine lands. And these disasters don’t just happen in remote areas. Here’s a video of a pipeline explosion in Edison – a densely populated suburban area in Central Jersey.

Today, more than 400 people marched from Bucks County, PA across the Delaware to Milford Borough in Hunterdon County to protest a pipeline called “PennEast.”

Carla Kelly Mackey of Delaware Township Citizens Against the Pipeline put it best when she said,

“Our properties are precious to us; we have spent our money & time putting in solar systems & building energy efficient homes. We hold ourselves personally accountable for what we do to the earth – it’s time for renewables to take over from the polluting fossil fuels. PennEast needs to give up because we will not stand down.”

Below the fold: Additional photos from today’s event and notice of some future pipeline awareness and protest events.