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The Military Complex and PARCC

The school-to-prison pipeline has been discussed for years.  It is a true disgrace that we have not prioritized stopping this form of structural racism.  But now, let’s discuss the school-to-military pipeline. In this nj.com article, it reports this:  “Educators say…
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Erik Ransom’s speech last night: “I hope you’ll join us there, Ms. Stanley.”

Of all the warm and enlightened public comments I heard at last night’s Franklin Township School Board meeting, my favorite was from actor and playwright Erik Ransom. He was kind enough to send me his speech. The words are his. – Rosi

My name is Erik Ransom. I graduated from Franklin High School in 2000 and I am a gay man. Based on your comments, Ms. Stanley, I infer that you might deem that information too ‘intimate’ for public proclamation, but I strongly disagree. And so, I come here in protest of your bizarre, petty, anachronistic crusade against Mr. Potosnak, and to tell you a bit of the story that brought me here.


No, Franklin Twp Board of Ed prez Ed Potosnak won’t resign because he dared mention he’s gay

Ed-PotosnakAfter a 7-minute graduation speech delivered at Franklin High School by Board of Education President Ed Potosnak, fellow board member Pat Stanley is calling for his resignation. It’s hard to walk away from her letter to Potosnak, copied to all board members and now made public, without concluding she outs herself as a raging homophobe who failed to grasp any substance in Potosnak’s well-received words because she got totally tripped up by the gay.

And no, he will not be resigning.

Nor, I suspect, will he be intimidated. I imagine Ms. Stanley would be a lot more comfortable if gay people – Potosnak is out gay and getting married in a few days – stayed in the closet and allowed people like her to try and shame them into silence. And I do not expect silence at the Franklin Board meeting tomorrow night. A public meeting:

School Board meeting 7:30pm Thursday – Open to the public

Franklin Township High School – 500 Elizabeth Avenue, Somerset NJ

Cafeteria (Entrance is at back of HS)

So, what did Stanley say? In her letter, she accused Potosnak of “hijacking” graduation:

“You presented very personal information regarding yourself and your intimate life which was just uncalled for in that venue.”

“(I)n my thirteen years in professional music and theatre, I have known many, many homosexual men. I still have friends who are professionals in the business. But they always behave like mature gentlemen and are truly considerate of other people.”

Wow. So some of your best friends are gay, huh. Let’s unpack this for a sec. There’s something almost antique about her language. It is an emphasis dah sex?