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What’s Up, Democrats?

I’m a Democrat. I can’t remember the last time I found a Republican who deserved my vote. I’m active in local Democratic politics. But when Democrats do things that are counterproductive, they should be called out. For everyone’s good.

There are two initiatives backed by Democrats that have me concerned, one on the national level and one here in New Jersey.

I receive many emails from a “Draft Biden” movement. Joe Biden would be a great president. He has devoted his life to public service, is an expert on foreign affairs, and has the empathy and compassion to be on the right side of social issues. I’ve met the Vice President and in one respect he reminds me of Bernie Sanders – he says what he believes, not necessarily what is popular. But he’s not running. So the Draft Biden movement simply takes dollars and energy away from the campaigns of Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, and the rest of the Democratic field. Wouldn’t it be better if the Draft Biden people put their effort behind one of the candidates who has the fire in his or her belly to jump on the presidential bandwagon?

On the state level, two of the senators I admire are pushing a bill to force Chris Christie to resign. The bill (which would have to be signed by Christie) would require a sitting governor to quit if he or she became a presidential candidate. It’s political theater that can easily backfire. Democrats would be better served if they started a recall initiative, although I doubt that a governor even as unpopular as Christie could be recalled (see: Scott Walker 2012).

The way the state government is set up, New Jersey’s governor wields more power than most of his counterparts in other states. The Republicans in the legislature don’t have the cojones to stray from Christie’s powerful (and often unethical) influence. Even though the legislative Democrats are in the majority, they are not in a position of strength. This legislation, which has no chance of becoming law, further polarizes Trenton and makes bipartisan opposition to Christie’s most egregious actions more difficult.