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News Roundup and Open Thread for Thursday, August 13, 2015

It’s looking grim for Christie in New Hampshire: In Boston Herald’s new NH poll, the first since the Fox show, Christie sunk to a tie for 10th place (3%). In the previous average of five polls from Real Clear Politics, he had been 5th (6.5%). His PAC has poured money into one race only, New Hampshire, where he has spent the most time and where a win or near-win is essential.

PolitickerNJ writes about the relationship between Gov. John Kasich and Christie who have been friends, but points out that Kasich “is moving up in NH polls and has the most impressive team of endorsements in the state.” Newcomer Kasich ranked third in the latest NH poll in comparison with Christie at 10th. That’s tough for Christie as both are ideologically similar.

Adding in the first national poll from Rasmussen after the Fox debate: Real Clear Politics in its average of five polls has Christie still in 9th position.

Clinton vs. Sanders: In the Boston Herald poll mentioned above Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton by 7 points in New Hampshire. Sanders has been a breath of fresh air: forthright, forthcoming, clear, and passionate on important issues.

At yesterday’s Energy Master Plan Public Hearing NJ Spotlight writes: “The state’s energy policies are working just fine, according to the Christie administration. However, numerous critics said the state depends too much on fossil fuels to meet energy demands, falls short in promoting renewable energy, and does too little to curb energy use.” More protest is needed. The next public hearing is today in Room 11 in the Statehouse in Trenton, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

More about the AC rescue package, grandstanding on a new tunnel, and NJ public employee unions below the fold.

News Roundup and Open Thread for Thursday, July 30, 2015

A heat wave continues today: stay cool and hydrated.

Despite an appeal to the Appellate Court from environmental groups: oral arguments start this morning on the NJDEP v. Exxon settlement case. Among others in protest, Sen. Ray Lesniak will submit his statement indicating, “The court should reject Christie’s settlement because it violates laws of the State of New Jersey, in addition to being unfair, unreasonable and inadequate.”

To dig or not to dig: Christie says he and Gov. Cuomo are committed to building a new trans-Hudson tunnel and will meet with the US Secretary of Transportation shortly. Christie has his demands. He, Cuomo, and the Port Authority are looking to the feds for substantial funding. With a dysfunctional congress that now can not even agree on how to refund the depleted US transportation account, this plan could be a tunnel too far. However, any news seems like good news for NJ Transit riders who just went through a week in hell.

Sen. Sweeney wants a $1 trillion federal loan program to rescue the states’ public worker pensions. A nice idea, but is this an impossible dream?

Christie’s vanity campaign: Real Clear Politics today indicates he is 10th (3.2) with Kasich now ahead of him in the national polls, 13th (2.3) in Iowa, 7th (5.0) in New Hampshire and 9th (5.7) in South Carolina.

Christie’s campaign proposes to sharply limit federal health care funding under Medicaid: NJPP says, “It would result in the loss of about $15 billion in federal funding for New Jersey over eight years.”  

President Christie’s’ choice for Supreme Court: would be a Samuel Alito clone. No surprise there, but it makes one wonder after so many harsh pronouncements on the road what he will espouse when he returns to his governor’s job in blue New Jersey.

Super PAC’s start to dominate races in NJ: POLITICO: Four of the five Democrats considering a run for governor in 2017 have super PACs. There was even one for a town council race in Parsippany.

Super storm Sandy lingering effects: slow rebuilding of homes and businesses, long insurance battles and mold that refuses to die – have taken a toll on the mental health of residents in its path.

Rutgers to give stipends to scholarship athletes: Under new NCAA rules they will receive up to $4,900.

Triple Crown winner American Pharaoh coming to New Jersey: The Haskell Invitational horse race takes place at Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport Sunday. Don’t expect to find hotel space anywhere near there this weekend.

How slavery was written into New Jersey’s DNA: Salon’s fascinating early history of slavery in our state – including Mendham Township.  

Port Authority Reform: “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush”

The NY Democratic  Assembly and Republican Senate have passed a NY/NJ Port Authority reform bill urged by Gov. Cuomo which he will sign shortly. In NJ our legislators are planning to introduce their own bill. Both Govs. Cuomo and Christie support the NY bill and indicate they will sign it. The NY bill provides most reforms we seek including organization, open meetings, public hearings, financial reporting and disposition of PA property. 21 months post-Bridgegate we have the opportunity to rein in the PA. We have a bird in hand.

Would the NJ bill be somewhat more favorable to us? Yes. Is the NY bill a good one? Yes. Is the NJ bill likely to be enacted while Christie and/or Cuomo are in in office? No. It is likely that Christie will remain governor until early 2018.

If NJ legislators persist there will still be no PA reform at least until 2018, and probably not soon thereafter. Governors, present and future, will not like the NJ proposed termination of development banks (slush funds) which provide monies to governors for pet projects. Nor are they particularly concerned about another proposal – requiring without a subpoena appearance of PA officials before the legislature – a reasonable expectation but something which Christie has routinely avoided for his own staff.