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WATCH: Jim Keady on The Ed Show – on the Fast Track trade vote

Jim Keady was on The Ed Show again last night, talking about Fast Track and the disastrous vote in the U.S. Senate yesterday. I’m watching this in a noisy coffeehouse without earbuds, so I can’t listen as closely yet as I’d like. But I wanted to post it for you soon as I could.

You know Keady as the guy Christie made a fool of himself with, yelling at Keady to sit down and shut up about Sandy recovery and do something to help, when in fact he volunteered a month doing that – not the first or last time Christie made a harsh and incorrect assumption about a constituent. But not all voters know that Keady has years studying the work lives of foreign workers and is head of the U.S.-based labor rights group Educating for Justice, which focuses on southeast Asia. President Obama spoke at Nike HQ to promote TPP, which is interesting because Keady seems to know more than the president does about what Nike workers lives are really like where those pricey shoes are made. He wrote about his recent trip to Vietnam in a project in conjunction with Sen. Bernie Sanders office here at Blue Jersey yesterday. In this MSNBC clip, we see Sanders’ speech on the Senate floor, following Mitch McConnell’s rah-rah TPP cheering. And joining the segment with Ed Schultz and Keady are a very angry Sen. Sherrod Brown and Larry Cohen, former president of CWA.

US & Vietnam Labor Advocates Say Senate Must Vote NO on Fast Track

Jim is running for Assembly in LD30, and runs Educating for Justice, a US-based labor rights organization that focuses on SE Asia. .

When President Obama spoke at Nike’s headquarters in May to promote the Trans Pacific Partnership trade pact, each of us was shocked given our first-hand knowledge of Nike’s consistently poor treatment of its workers overseas.

In Indonesia, Nike has 168,000 workers who are paid a paltry $212 a month. Here Nike has busted unions, refused to pay even the minimum wage, has verbally and physically threatened workers for exercising their fundament right to freely associate, and they have cheated workers of millions of dollars in overtime pay. Along with the labor rights violations, Nike has also been dumping and burning scrap shoe rubber in Indonesian villages for 25 years – pumping toxins and carcinogens into the air, water, and soil.

In Malaysia, Nike has been found guilty of employing thousands of illegally trafficked workers. These workers had their passports confiscated to prevent them running away to get help or to find a better job. For years, Nike turned a blind eye on this issue until we brought the matter to prime-time TV and forced them to address it.

Jim Keady talks TPP on WBAI

Promoted by Rosi. I’ve also added a bonus video on the jump page, ICYMI – Keady on The Ed Show last week discussing trade issues with Michael Eric Dyson, Rep. Mark Pocan, and Lori Wallach.

Hi friends,

My name is Jim Keady, and I’m running for NJ State Assembly in the 30th Legislative District. You might know me as the guy Chris Christie told to sit down and shut up last fall when I stood up to him and challenged him on the Jersey Shore Sandy recovery funding.

In case you missed this, I was on WBAI radio on June 12th talking about my recent trip to Vietnam and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  If you have 10 minutes, listen to what I learned meeting with labor leaders and organizers in Vietnam about the effects that the TPP would have on workers and the world economy.

If you agree with my position on this issue, I’d ask that you consider making a donation to my campaign for Assembly.  Thank you for your support.

Bonnie Watson Coleman, rejecting Fast Track

I love that my friend Hetty Rosenstein calls Bonnie Watson Coleman Notorious BWC. Perfect.

Here she is, rejecting Fast Track, posted to Facebook a few minutes ago:  

You asked — I'm answering. I've heard from many of you about TPA/Fast Track, and TPP. I wanted to take a moment to personally respond.

Posted by Bonnie Watson Coleman on Thursday, June 4, 2015