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Bush kicks Abramoff prosecutor upstairs, update: NJ Senators knew

Bush kicked Abramoff’s prosecutor upstairs last Wednesday offering him a judgeship, after he’d been on the case for two years. 

Regarding Corzine and Lautenberg’s involvement, from HuffPo: Proof that Bush’s removal of the Abramoff prosecutor was a political deal to scuttle the investigation

On Friday, January 27, immediately after Bush announced Noel Hillman the federal Abramoff prosecutor was leaving his position to become a federal judge, I wrote that it was a political deal to stop the Abramoff prosecution. I posted an article on Huffington Post on January 29th.

We now know there was a political deal between the Bush Administration and New Jersey Democrats to get rid of the Abramoff prosecutor, Noel Hillman, by offering him a federal judgeship in New Jersey.

It’s a deal that had been in the making for over a year.

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Menendez Didn’t Announce Filibuster Plans (Live Blogging)

Check out my live blogging of the Jersey guys (Lautenberg and Menendez) down below. But first:

I heard from someone on DU that his staff was still taking a tally on the filibuster as he was on the floor between 2:40 and 3:00 pm.

The original part of this thread was posted at 1 o’clock about John Kerry, but it has morphed into something completely different. I include that stuff on top just for continuity.


John Kerry was just on the floor from 12:40 to 1:00.

He asked for 15 more minutes, but was granted it only at 2:00 as they were on an hourly minority/majority basis.

So if Kerry takes 15 minutes at 2:00, whoever goes before Lautenberg will go until 2:35 and then Lautenberg will go from 2:35 to 2:55, leaving Menendez only 5 minutes befor the majority gets their hour back.

Do you think that will be enough time for Menendez to make his announcement? I don’t.

I’m starting to think Kerry is really just a hog. John in DC and Matt Stoller may be right. Kerry is using the Netroots for his ’08 aspirations.

Live Blogging Below the Fold

Menendez Not Supporting Filibuster. Yet.

In a previous diary, jmelli claimed that Menendez is supporting the filibuster, citing only Grapevine evidence. In that thread, Bertin Lefkovic wondered where jmelli got that information because it was not verified on Google or anywhere else.

You would think, if this were true, that PoliticsNJ or the Star Ledger would have picked it up by now.

So in a display of the self-correcting nature of the blogosphere, I called Menendez’s office just now, 9 am on Monday morning, and asked them. The greeter told me that jmelli is wrong. Menendez is not supporting the filibuster. Yet.

So get on those phones and call him at (202) 224-4744. The time is now!

Menendez to support filibuster

We hear that Senator Bob Menendez will be supporting an effort to filibuster Alito. Call his office to let him know we’re behind him, and call Lautenberg’s office to encourage him to join the filibuster.

Sen. Bob Menendez: (202) 224-4744
Sen. Frank Lautenberg: (202) 224-3224

Andrews, Lautenberg and 2008

Andrews has not been shy about the fact that he wants a promotion to the Senate. Some reports have said that he plans to challenge Menendez in a primary, while others speculate that he’s bluffing and would rather hold off until 2008 than to possibly damage himself with a loss. While Andrews has claimed that Lautenberg has no plans to retire in 2008, today we learn from the Inside Edge that a fundraiser for Lautenberg’s 2008 re-election campaign has supposedly already raised $200,000. There probably won’t be another Senate opening for at least 7 years, so if Andrews is serious about moving up, this is his chance. I doubt he’ll pass on this opportunity.