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This should put a smile on everyone’s face

You would think that Democrats, having just lost the Governor’s race, would be the ones at each other’s throats, but it seems things are getting real nasty between the rightwing and extremely rightwing bloggers over at the pro-Christie “Save Jersey” blog and the pro-Lonegan “Conservatives With Attitude” (ie. “Crackpots With Agita”).

Now the state’s Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler of Wingnut Journalism, Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine, has entered the fray with a scathing attack on Christie’s cheerleaders over at Save Jersey.  It seems what started it all was a blog post on Save Jersey poking fun at Lonegan’s vision impairment.  It escalated into a war of words and a lot of trash talk between head bloggers Matt Rooney at Save Jersey and Michael Illions at CWA.  Illions, a former professional wrestler himself, knows how to put on a good show and with Mulshine in the mix this is really turning into a hardcore no-holds-barred street fight between the two biggest GOP bloggers in the state that would even make WWE CEO and Connecticut GOP Senate candidate Linda McMahon turn red with embarrassment.  

Mulshine: Either Chris Christie is stupid or he thinks you are

The more Paul Mulshine listens to Chris Christie, the less he likes:

Either Chris Christie is stupid or he thinks you are.

That is my only possible conclusion after hearing one of his recent campaign spiels.

On Christie’s flip flop between whether people would move to Pennsylvania because of taxes or not, Mulshine has grown weary of Christie’s navigating the political waters:

This doesn’t add up. But then nothing he says adds up.

That’s right, nothing on the Christie campaign adds up.  Mulshine continued referring to Lonegan’s debunking of Christie’s tax plans months ago:

Lonegan nicely debunked this nonsense during a debate when he said,

“My opponent is standing here telling us that everybody’s going to get their rebate check. But we’re going to cut spending. And we’re going to cut taxes. Nobody buys this. We can’t cut taxes across the board for everybody, give everybody a rebate check. It’s just not doable. It makes no sense. Chris has no plan.”

That’s not true. He does have a plan. It’s to keep fooling New Jerseyans and hope they fall for it until after the first Tuesday in November.

It worked in the primary where Christie made himself everything to everyone and Mulshine blames his party for buying that hook line and sinker. It remains to be seen if you can continue that trend in the general and Mulshine says that as Christie flounders towards the middle, it’s more of a reason for conservatives to stay home. He even closes with this:

So why should a conservative vote for him?

I’ll take that one step further, why should anyone vote for him? We’ll have to see if he’s able to keep fooling the voters all the way through election day, but it’s clear Mulshine has his eyes wide open on this one. If he does lose the conservatives, his math becomes even more difficult to add up to an election victory.

Blue Jersey Radio LIVE Tonight at 8:00 p.m. with LD-26 Assembly Candidate Wayne Marek

Wayne Marek for Assembly LD-26
Assembly Candidate Wayne Marek, LD-26

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This week: Our guest is LD-26 Assembly Candidate Wayne Marek of Morris Plains. Wayne and his running mate, former Blue Jersey Radio guest Doug Herbert, are challenging conventional wisdom in a tough district spanning parts of Morris and Passaic Counties.

Wayne ran in 2007, and is back at it, working to defeat incumbents Alex DeCroce and Jay Webber. He’s already managed to draw some backhanded compliments from of all pundits, Paul Mulshine earlier this year. We’ll hear from Wayne tonight just what he has in mind for pulling off the upset, as we continue our coverage of assembly races up and down the state.

Check us out LIVE tonight at 8:00 p.m.!

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Top Ten Moments of the 2009 GOP Primary

“Christie might as well propose a law requiring the rivers to run with whiskey and the mountains to be made of ice cream.”

Star Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine, commenting on the absurdity of Chris Christie’s tax and spending proposals.

If politics is theater, than the 2009 Republican gubernatorial primary was akin to a Tony Award winning show on Broadway.  Since the silly season accelerated last February with Chris Christie’s formal entrance into the race, several moments stick out as worthy of inclusion on a list of the Top Ten Moments in the 2009 GOP Primary.

Click on the headline to read the list, and feel free to offer favorite moments of your own.

Quote of the Day: I’m not being pessimistic, I’m being realistic

No matter what people say to him, Chris Christie manages to respond by spouting off talking points of how he will cut taxes when others have failed because people will just follow him. Rick Merkt has been relentless in saying Christie is full of it and that he’s being the realist. Yesterday, in yet another radio debate, Merkt continued going after Christie’s talking point campaign:

“You have to understand that what you can do are the things you can do as governor, not the things that you hope the Legislature’s going to do. I’m not being pessimistic. I’m being realistic,”

If only Merkt had some money to make this one competitive. I’d love to see Christie actually have to explain some of those talking points.  Here’s Mulshine’s latest take on how ridiculous some of the Christie campaign promises are after hearing a call with Christie and Steve Forbes:

Forbes and Christie might as well propose a law requiring the rivers to run with whiskey and the mountains to be made of ice cream.

Maybe we can make money from some of those whiskey rivers and ice cream mountains to pay for everything Christie says he’d do as Governor.

NJ.com looks at the Christie defense and attack

A column by Paul Mulshine, coupled with a few other stories over the past week lead to the spectacle of  Chris Christie’s attack on all those who have questioned his own agreements as US Attorney.  It’s only fitting that Mulshine would analyze the Christie response with Star Ledger Reporter Claire Heninger:

Seems like Mulshine is left with new questions he’s looking to find answers for. It’s pretty clear the conservatives really get to Christie.  Christie also went off on a Lonegan supporter during his recent NJ 101.5 interview too. Brian Donahue had a good time breaking down the presser too over at the Ledger Live:

Like I said, Christie’s response only made the story bigger.  

Christie melt-down at press conference: attacks PolitickerNJ.com over pay-to-play accusations

Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine and former State Senator Dick LaRossa got their fifteen minutes of fame today when Chris Christie went after them at a press conference over their allegations concerning the use (or misuse) of deferred prosecution agreements and pay-to-play donations to the Christie campaign from the recipients of those contracts.

Christie saved his biggest salvo for the PolitickerNJ.com website, accusing them of bias for their alleged negative coverage of his campaign.  According to Christie, “Those people who are on the Kushner-owned web site, I’ve never been on their holiday card. Ever since I sent Kushner to jail, my coverage on PolitickerNJ.com has not been sterling.”

When Christie loses in November, maybe they’ll send him a sympathy card.  

Mulshine’s Middle Class

It’s no surprise Paul Mulshine, uberconservative columnist who frequently devotes his weekly column to promoting the GOP’s latest talking points, has a lot to say about Governor Corzine’s budget proposal. His latest meme goes something like this: if you’re a middle-class New Jerseyan, Corzine is going to personally kick down your door and rip your paycheck out of your hard-earned, economic recession-weakened hands.

Unsurprisingly, this is the tune Jersey Republicans have decided to sing. They make quite a chorus: Alex Decroce, Mike Doherty, Eric Munoz and the rest of the lot have all begun squawking, parrot-like, with sudden concern for the middle class.

For someone who’s supposedly so concerned with the plight of the middle class, Mulshine sure makes some weird arguments:

In the course of these briefings, I noticed another really nutty aspect of the Governor’s continuing attack on the middle class: It’s not just that middle-class homeowners will lose their tax rebates. They will also have their income taxes raised to fund rebates for people who don’t even pay property taxes.

I mean renters.

First of all, as any middle class family who rents instead of owns can tell you, renters pay property taxes. Landlords pass property tax costs along to tenants, and this tax money is incorporated into monthly rents. (As a conservative who frequently argues against the efficacy of some taxes on the grounds that businesses will just shift costs to the consumer, Mulshine should know this. Tsk, tsk.)

What’s really weird, however, is the section of his column I’ve bolded. Mulshine implies that the income tax surcharge will devastate the middle class. Never mind that the surcharge will only apply for tax year 2008, or that it only applies to families that earn over $500,000 a year. Never mind that this devastating, radical, drastic tax hike will raise the current tax bracket for all those middle-class, $500,000 a year families from 8.97% to a whopping 9.72%.

It’s an attack on the middle class, I tell you! Mulshine and the GOP’s crocodile tears on this aren’t just pathetically obvious, they’re just pathetic.

The real reason Mulshine and the Republicans are steamed is because they’ve been constantly calling for Corzine to cut the budget, and since he finally followed their advice, they need something new to complain about.

Truth is, Corzine cut the budget 10% from last year’s figures. Not only that, but fully half the budget, nearly $15 billion, goes to property tax relief (in the form of municipal aid, school aid, etc). Mulshine and the GOP can’t stand that Corzine is all doing this while putting a slight one-time increase on all those $500,000 a year middle class families. Intellectually dishonest, but then again, that’s to be expected from Mulshine and his crew.

Star-Ledger Columnist Paul Mulshine smacks Limbaugh and calls him a “streetwalker”

In today’s column in the Star-Ledger conservative columnist Paul Mulshine took some real hard shots at the big guy.  He criticizes Rush, and other wingnut blowhards, for taking noncash payola in the form of gifts and free services from advertisers on their show.  He cites Rush in particular as using his program to shill for General Motors in 2007 as an example of what he referred to as a “classic American car company doing it all”.

He goes on to compare Rush with the world’s oldest profession, “Limbaugh may be a hooker with a heart of gold. But he’s still a hooker. And that is the category into which all of these radio talkers rightly belong. Limbaugh loves to deride honest journalists as members of the “drive-by media,” but he’s part of what I like to call “the streetwalker media.”

It seems Mulshine isn’t the only conservative writer distancing himself from rightist gasbags like Rush.  Other writers and pundits are piling on as well.  Some of it may be resentment at Rush’s financial success and some of it may be genuine disagreement.  Whatever the motives the Taliban wing of the GOP seems to be imploding within itself in a frenzy of backstabbing and an orgy of anklebiting.

Mulshine: Palin is a Liberal

Every once in a while Paul Mulshine says something that the progressive folks think is great, taking down George Bush or someone else on the right.  But even if Mulshine comes to a similar conclusion as we do, it’s probably never from the same perspective.

For instance, this one:  Darn right Palin’s a loony left-winger

We don’t like Palin, he doesn’t like Palin, but it’s from a really different place.