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Stephen Colbert just paid for all of South Carolina’s teacher grant requests

Stephen ColbertThis is the face of a mensch.

Know how Stephen Colbert celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week? Colbert, who dwells in Montclair, just helped out South Carolina’s public schools to the tune of $800,000 by funding every SC teacher’s crowdsourced grant. That’s every grant request filed by a SC teacher at DonorsChoose.org (he’s on the board). Almost 1,000 projects, more than 375 schools, written by more than 800 teachers.

“Enjoy the learnin’, South Carolina!”

   – Colbert, in live video feed to teachers & students at Alexander Elementary School, Greenville

Hard not to compare what Colbert did with what Mark Zuckerberg did. Colbert announced his gift in a live video feed to a Greenville elementary school – to kids & teachers. Zuck announced his on Oprah at the height of her popularity (and right after the release of The Social Network which was none-too flattering), with (then) rising stars Chris Christie and Cory Booker helping Oprah fawn over him. And Colbert’s gift goes toward things teachers notice kids need – new books, computers, teacher development, field trips. Zuck’s gift was put toward the high-minded but ultimately destructive effort to dismantle Newark public ed and fork over the pieces to private tycoons.

Five months ago, Cobert retired his eagle-loving persona on Comedy Central and raised part of the money for his gift to SC public ed by auctioning off The Colbert Report‘s set; there were also matching funds from 2 other orgs.

Colbert was once a student in South Carolina public schools. He takes over The Late Show from David Letterman in September.  

ICYMI: Colbert buys his own Sarah Palin website

I love me some Stephen Colbert, that devilish, Montclair-flavored man whose raised eyebrow keeps me sane. But I missed this. Colbert, not to be outdone in superdooper patriotism, has launched his own Sarah Palin thesarahpalinchannel.com. Go there, sit through the video ad I can’t scrub away for you (capitalism!) and you can watch Colbert make the merciless fun of Sarah Palin that she so richly deserves. With his own damn chainsaw, eagle, fishes, humping moose and stuff that goes boom. ‘Murica!

I got all confused when the (real-ish) Sarah Palin subscription channel (just $9.95/month!) was announced. Because didn’t Palin already have a reality show that bombed out after one season? Yes, but there was more Palin to be sold! The marquee names on the new Palin channel seem to be Sarah, husband Todd and Bristol Palin, who the family seems weirdly determined to make into some kind of celebrity thing. She did Dancing With the Stars, had her own reality show Life’s a Tripp (reviews were scathing). Even did Celebrity Wife Swap (really). The Palins have squeezed a lot of money out of Alaska, given her half-term as its governor. Example? Bristol’s canceled show, which collected a $354,348 subsidy from the state of Alaska’s film incentive program, and $995,275 in “Alaska expenses”. Unlike most other projects, the nearly $1 million money went to pay salaries of the 6 Alaska residents (Palins) who participated as “talent”. Big money for the Palins’ cottage industry of self-promotion, underwritten by the state (gee, a little like NJ).

The Palins are they’re own joke. But Colbert is Palintastic. Hat/tip John Lee, with thanks.

Colbert on Christie “Just wanting to be Governor of New Jersey”

Stephen Colbert had some fun last night with our fair Governor’s “lack of interest” in seeking national office as he tried to portray it while making the rounds on nearly every national show out there this past Sunday. As Christie denied interest saying he just wants to be Governor, Colbert replied after showing a clip:

“Yes, he’s just the governor of New Jersey, That’s why he went on ‘Meet the Jersey,’ ‘Fox News Jersey Sunday,’ ‘Face the Turnpike,’ and ‘This New Jersey with New Jersey New Jerseyopoulos.”

You can see the full segment below:

The Colbert Report
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ICYMI: Rush Holt on The Colbert Report

Give Rush Holt credit for guts. Stephen Colbert (who lives in Montclair) chose Election-Eve to swing the spotlight of his Better Know a District to the fightin’ NJ 12th. And Holt went along. Colbert’s comedy minions have full control over the edit switch in the Better Know series. Electeds try to be serious while Colbert mocks them and everything they stand for. So, this, which aired late last night, is a little, um, bizarre. Elizabeth Warren sex jokes. Astrology over astronomy. Thumb wars. Oh, hell – just watch.  

Brief ad/s before video. It’s totally worth waiting for.

Email Rush Holt to appear on The Colbert Report’s “Better Know a District” segment!

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Stephen Colbert has just recently posted a section on his website which allows you to email your U.S. Representative directly asking he/she to appear on The Colbert Report’s “Better Know a District” segment.  The “Better Know a District” segment offers a humorous explanation of a different U.S. Congressional district in each segment and generally includes an interview with that district’s Member of Congress.  As of right now NJ’s very own Representative, Rush Holt, is the second most emailed U.S. Representative in the entire nation with 65 emails sent to him (only trailing behind Republican congresswoman Kristi Noem of South Dakota who has received 72 emails)!  Let’s make Rep. Holt the #1 most emailed Representative in order to get him to appear on The Colbert Report and put NJ’s fightin’ 12th Congressional District on the Big Board!  

Go here to fill out the email form to send to Rep. Holt asking him to appear on The Colbert Report’s “Better Know a District” segment.

Other NJ Representatives who have appeared on the “Better Know a District” segment are Steve Rothman and Bill Pascrell.

Here is Steve Rothman’s interview with Stephen Colbert from January 12, 2006

Here is Bill Pascrell’s interview with Stephen Colbert from January 25, 2006