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Just Because its Legal Doesn’t Mean it’s Ethical

Like many of us, I receive a slew of e-mails from politicians asking for my money. I guess they feel that they don’t receive quite enough from the corporation-persons that wine and dine them as well as fill their campaign coffers.

Most of these solicitations are annoying, but having just worked on a Congressional campaign, I know that they are part of the electoral game. But a solicitation I received this week from Congressman Tom MacArthur was particularly galling.

The letter opened as follows:

I’m leaving for Israel tomorrow. I think that it is important that I go there, meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu in person and get a firsthand understanding of just how bad this Iran deal is going to be.

This is wrong on so many levels:

  • If Congressman MacArthur already has his mind made up that this is a “bad deal”, why go on a fact-finding mission in the first place? Then it just becomes another congressional boondoggle.
  • Congressman MacArthur is using a critical and sensitive element of U.S. foreign policy not for any policy reason, but simply to raise funds for his re-election.
  • He doesn’t even need the money. He raised virtually no money from contributors for his last election, instead self-funding his campaign to the tune of $5 million – the most expensive congressional campaign in 2014.
  • The junket is not being paid for by the taxpayer, but instead by AIPAC, a far-right organization. MacArthur made no indication that he would also be meeting with any pro-Israel peace organization (such as the Israeli intelligence and military operatives who say that President Obama’s peace deal should be approved). Why travel all that distance without hearing all sides of the argument?

AIPAC invited every freshman congress member to this junket. Fifty-seven freshmen, from both parties, are going. Only three are not.

Those who are opting to attend by accepting AIPAC’s invitation are in essence taking a bribe – a trip to a wonderful historic and spiritual place. Since Congress writes the rules, this bribe is perfectly legal. But like many things in Washington (and Trenton) that are legal, the ethics of accepting this trip from a strong lobbying organization are dubious. Especially, as in the case of MacArthur, you are going there with a closed mind and using it to raise money.

Booker joins Menendez, disses Obama

Here’s how Netanyahu’s strategies are playing at Haaretz, Israel’s oldest daily paper. It isn’t pretty. On the other issue – Booker is the only member of the Congressional Black Caucus in the U.S. Senate, many CBC members will boycott the speech, charging disrespect on the President. President Obama, when he was in Congress, was a CBC member. I’d be interested if our readers have strong opinions on this. – promoted by Rosi

Joining New Jersey’s other “Democratic” senator, Neocon Bob Menendez, Cory Booker has announced that he will attend Benjamin Netanyahu’s effort to undermine President Obama and help himself get re-elected through a speech to congress on March 3.  Even though a large portion of the Congressional Black Caucus, and two Jewish senators, Brian Schatz and Bernie Sanders, along with several Jewish members of the House, have announced that they will not attend the speech, Booker has decided to side with the Republicans and the hard right leader of a foreign country against a president from his own party.  Not all that surprising given that Booker is buddies with the virulent anti-Palestinian, Shmuley Boteach.  But disappointing nonetheless.

Read it: JewishLink of New Jersey.