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Newark Student Civil Disobedience: An Important Moment

Hector Maldonado, Treasurer of the Newark Students Union, gave a superb 2-minute speech at the press conference after the occupation ended:

“We fought for our rights… the fight is not over… Cami Anderson, you  need to show you can be accountable for your actions. Will you stand on the right side of history?”

NJTV captured the speech and you can view it here. It begins about 3 minutes into the video.

Kudos to the committed youth activists fighting for an important goal and facing tough odds against an implacable foe.  

“It is, it is a glorious thing

to be the Jersey King.” (Pirates of Penzance reinterpreted)

His retinue hues close to his orders and can ignore all others. But methinks the king is losing some of his authority and these youths are exposing the cracks in his armor.

A caring, sensitive governor would pay heed. However, a governor who is running for federal office may feel it too demeaning and embarrassing nationally to give in to students and admit he supported an incompetent superintendent. A governor who is in the pocket of education corporations may also feel it’s unwise to slow the progress of his wealthy donors.

Newark is beleaguered city, but the youth are playing a crucial role. Their future depends on a better education system. This was an important moment.