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National Journal lifts up a rock on the Norcross brothers

This week we have National Journal shining the sudden new lights on New Jersey. But they’re not talking about the governor with the White House dreams. They’re here for the Democrats in a piece called Jersey Boys: A House freshman and his powerful big brother:

Before he headed the South Jersey AFL-CIO, before he was an assemblyman or a state senator, 56-year-old Donald Norcross made his living as an electrician. The political advantages of a salt-of-the-earth CV are lost neither on Norcross nor his backers, who mention his old gig at every opportunity. His former job is also a convenient distraction from the Norcross story line people actually care about: his relationship with big brother George.

And there’s this from the so-quotable Prof. Brigid Harrison at Montclair State:

In Trenton, says Montclair State political analyst Brigid Harrison, Donald was “George’s eyes and ears,” but he was not particularly known as a strategist. “I don’t want to make him sound stupid,” Harrison says, “but he doesn’t seem to have the calculating edge his brother does.”


George’s puppetry didn’t begin with Don. The Journal recounts this nugget about Rep. Rob Andrews, who resigned in time to dive into the lobbying universe, reportedly as the House Ethics Committee’s investigation of him was closing in on him (for alleged misuse of campaign funds, not, uh, this):