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Chris Christie Dixie Chicks himself in London

Christie in London, on Obama:

“I think the President has shown over and over again that he’s not the most effective negotiator, whether you’re talking about the Iranian nuclear talks or whether you’re talking about his recent foray into Cuba. The president has not proven himself to be the most adept negotiator, in my opinion, on behalf of American interests.”

Let me get this straight: This failed governor, target of multiple federal investigations, crosses the Atlantic in a trip paid for by businesses getting huge subsidies from his administration – Michele Brown’s name coming up again in the money changing hands. Hisinternational experience is exactly zero, but he breaks tradition criticizing the commander in chief on foreign soil, and head fakes the reporter asking about that.

Wow. Remember the Dixie Chicks? Remember when Natalie Maines – also in London – told her audience: