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DNC Winter Meeting: Resolutions

The DNC Resolutions, co-chaired by Maria Echaveste and James J. Zogby, had a surprising atmosphere:  Throughout the meeting, loud jazz music from the neighboring room made it hard to hear.  I was struck that many of the resolutions could have come from the blogs:  “Calling for the Restoration of Habeus Corpus,”  “Stressing the Need for Action in Sudan,” “Supporting Accurate, Open Transparent Elections in the United States of America,” “Commending Howard Dean for the 50 State Strategy,” and, of course, “Expressing Deep Concern with the Bush Administration’s Performance in Iraq.”  Well, that last was kinder than any blog title would be, but the resolution clearly condemns every aspect of Bush’s policies and his attempt to escalate the war.  When the resolution opposing escalation came up, the chair asked “Are there people opposed to this?”  Everyone laughed. 

Salem County News

In this week’s edition, I reflect on how Salem County shows the essential principles of democracy.  Not one politician will be mentioned, since our society is what’s important, not our leaders.

Election Fraud

  • Corruption, incompetence,  and foolishness will always be dangers to our country, but the genius of democracy is that they can eventually be corrected.  In my view, cheating in elections is the greatest danger to our country.  This week a jury struck a blow to defend us,  indicting the ballot messenger who delivered the disputed absentee ballots in last year’s Penns Grove Democratic primary.  You might recall that a judge ruled that under the law he could not overturn the primary results even though there was considerable evidence of fraud.  (Ultimately, the Democratic candidates both lost.)  This indictment was of Jose Mercado; previously another ballot messenger and Mercado’s mother were also been indicted. 

    Citizen Associations

    Alexis De Toqueville observed:

    “In no other country in the world has the principle of association been more successfully used or applied toward a greater multitude of objects than in America.”

    This American tradition lives on this week in Salem County:

  • The Salem County NAACP chapter had a successful meeting and is well on its way to being revived. 
  • The Woodstown-Pilegrove Business Association has also returned from the dead. 
  • The Chamber of Commerce also met.
  • As I write this, members of the local Coalition for Peace and Justice are at the anti-war March on Washington.  The bus left from Woodstown.
  • Election Integrity Group Study Finds Flaws in Holt Bill

    With less than three months before the general election, grassroots Democratic activists seem increasingly concerned that extremely low Republican poll numbers will lead to widespread election fraud, erasing any anticipated gains in the House and Senate this year. Many in New Jersey point to Rush Holt’s HR550 as a measure of protection against fraud sorely missing in the Help America Vote Act, and are working feverishly to get it passed.

    Is HR550 the “Gold Standard” we are all hoping for? An election integrity group known as Election Defense Alliance doesn’t think so, and they’ve released a study that analyzes HR550’s effectiveness. From their press release dated August 17, 2006:

    Today a group of computer security and statistical analysts released a study proving that the election audit procedure set forth in HR 550, popularly known as the Holt Bill, would in practice leave elections for the US House of Representatives completely exposed to undetected programming errors and deliberate fraud. (Download the full report at http://electiondefen…)

    The study demonstrates that the HR 550 audit is so ineffective that in 40% of races examined, the audit would completely fail to detect fraud or error affecting 10% of precincts in an average US House race. Fraud or error on this scale could easily alter the election outcome if left undetected.