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Norcross and Sires – again, these two – vote with Republicans on KeystoneXL

Here’s the list of Democrats who voted with the Republicans today to approve the $5.4 Billion Keystone XL pipeline. Two of the 29 are from New Jersey; Donald Norcross (NJ-1) and Albio Sires (NJ-8). House vote was 270-152, on a bill identical to one passed by the Senate in late January.

If you want to say anything to them about it, you can use Twitter. Tweet to:



Neither has posted on this vote; both know it wouldn’t be their best play (Norcross’ Twitter account is inactive since Jan. 21).

Oddly enough, the tweets at the top of both congressmen’s accounts are about jobs; Sires here (from today) and Norcross here (pinned form Oct. 22, 2014).

President Obama will have 10 days to issue a veto, which he’s very likely to do. Speaker John Boehner says the president is “standing with a bunch of left-fringe extremists and anarchists. (Watch). Norcross and Sires are standing with Boehner and the Republicans.  

Watch: Menendez talks Keystone XL pipeline on Senate floor

Here’s video of Bob Menendez on the Senate floor a short time ago, speaking against the Keystone XL pipeline, and in support for Sen. Edward Markey’s amendment to ban the export of all oil shipped through the pipeline – an alteration to the bill his office says would make it serve American consumers, rather than Big Oil. Senate Dems have been trying today to add amendments to the legislation that would greenlight the pipeline, to make it serve this country better. That is, instead of what is now;  a too-big environmental risk, which won’t improve this country’s energy needs or job creation.

Cory Booker also opposes. NJ House reps Donald Norcross and Albio Sires made news in November breaking with their caucus to support building the pipeline. Star-Ledger’s unscientific reader poll posted a few days ago, is running about 54-45% against the pipeline. A Washington Post-ABC News poll released yesterday shows more clearly American trepidation, showing 61% of respondents favor a full review of the project to make sure it’s actually in this country’s best interest.