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Cory Booker on debut of The Nightly Show

Larry Wilmore’s debut of The Nightly Show last night on Comedy Central was impressive. Cory Booker was one of his first three guests – along with rapper Talib Kweli, comedian Bill Burr and show regular Shenaz Treasury – in a current events chat around big table that reads like a sharper, smarter, blacker and more direct version of Meet the Press.

Wilmore doesn’t back away from the ‘racial’ humor, skewering Oprah, Sharpton, and the #OscarsSoWhite thing. And explaining stuff to white people. His show’s a year too late, he complains, because all the best racial injustice – Ferguson, Eric Garner – already happened. Except that no, it didn’t. Booker, who is so comfortable in this kind of conversation, gets both of the segment’s big applause lines; I’ll let you decide if that’s on substance or likability. And when Wilmore lobs a killer question to each guest, to see if they can Keep It 100 (% real), Booker absolutely, categorically fails at the answer. An excellent teevee moment. (16:04 here).

Brief ad. Totally worth the wait.