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Moral Mondays & Progressive Summits

Moral Monday in Albany NY

Moral Monday Rally for public education, Albany. Photo: @strongforall

To our east today one thousand people crowded into the New York Capitol Building in Albany, as Moral Mondays and its founder Rev. William Barber came to rally for public education.

To our west next month for two days activists from all over the Keystone State will be in that state’s capital for the Pennsylvania Progressive Summit to strategize with such people as Senator Bernie Sanders, Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards.

Sometimes I laugh when people who don’t read us very carefully describe Blue Jersey as a “Democratic blog”. I don’t check the party affiliations of even our front pagers, let alone our readers. Most are Democrats; I am. But all, or nearly all, are more interested in progressive change and values than in simple or unquestioning allegiance to party. Given what I know about how our writers operate and advocate here and in their regular lives, I’d say that makes most of those who built Blue Jersey very good Dems indeed. But given that New Jersey Democrats in positions of power don’t always act on what used to be clear and obvious Democratic values. And that’s when the rest of us have to question the party most of us hew to, and remind our power brokers of the values they profess when they run for office. It’s why some Democrats don’t like us much, and why trolls are sent in to plead their case.

New Jersey is blue by virtue of being majority Democrat. But what does that really means in this year when showboat governor Chris Christie – who can claim he was so good that powerful Democrats lined up to help him?

There should be more in front of us than simply being blue. Right now, I’m looking east to what took place in Albany, New York today – and west to the PA Progressive Summit next month.

I think my party should be, too.