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Chris Christie in 2016

Happy 2016! Let’s fast forward to early Spring of the new year. What can we expect from the governor’s office? Christie’s presidential campaign will be at a crossroads. He will still be in the “also-ran” category, even if Donald Trump…
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After the Fall

Chris Christie’s 2016 presidential ambitions are waning. What he chooses to do after his relegation to the kiddie table in next week’s debate may show signs of where he might be going next. But even without those signs, it is…
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Chris Christie is Irrelevant in 2016

While he makes for good copy, Chris Christie is an irrelevant buffoon. His recent antics at a Dallas Cowboys football game verify this long-standing observation.

First of all, Christie will never be president, for a number of reasons:

First, he is too sane. The Republican Party is fond of putting crazy people in charge. They put Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency. They put Darrell Issa in charge of a witch-hunt committee that would make Senator Joe McCarthy jealous. They refuse to disavow themselves from an anti-Semitic racist in the new House leadership. Say what you want about Christie – he’s an egomaniacal, ethically challenged, dishonest self-serving official. But he’s not crazy enough to appeal to the core GOP power brokers.

The other reason that Christie will never be president is that he doesn’t want it.