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“Cory’s Team”

Cory Booker, who endorsed Hillary Clinton early and is likely to become one of her highest-profile surrogates, has found a clever way to draw attention to her candidacy while also establishing himself as a go-to for other candidates of his choosing….
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Steve Lonegan for Senate tries to rescue candidate from racist campaign tweet


The tweet read, “#breaking just leaked – Cory Booker’s foreign policy debate prep notes,” and below it was a map of heavily African-American Newark. Scrawled over the map in different places was, “West Africa, Guyana, Portugal, Brazil.” Another annotation, pointing to Newark, read, “Middle East,” followed by “Afghanistan, Pakistan, plus Bangladesh and Trinidad.”

It went up. And then it quickly came down. Before it did, Politico snapped this screen shot. It came from the @LoneganForNJ Twitter account, which has an embarrassing 85 followers (one of which is @BlueJersey).

Running the damage control is campaign consultant and Lonegan frontman Rick Shaftan. Playing the Steve’s-more-wholesome-and-gooder-than-our-staff-or-consultants card, Lonegan said “didn’t find it funny or reflective of the way he thinks and asked that it be taken down immediately”.

I love it when these people are simply … themselves.

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Rutgers University: The Hands Down Winner

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The racially and sexually inappropriate remarks made by shock jock Don Imus created a storm of protest last week that ended with both NBC and CBS firing the long-time provocateur.  During a recent broadcast, Imus had taken aim at the Rutgers University women’s basketball team, which had recently faced Tennessee for the national championship and had won acclaim for its grit and determination.  Rather than applauding the efforts of the women’s team that had rebounded from adversity all year, Imus referred to them as “nappy-haired hos.”  The firestorm that erupted caused Imus to apologize on numerous occasions and agree to meet with the team and extend an apology first-hand.  However, with protests occurring on college campuses, outrage mounting in the African American community, and advertisers pulling their ads from his show, Imus was fired.  The big loser in this saga was Don Imus, a member of the National Broadcasting Hall of Fame and a radio personality who earned approximately $10 million per year.  The hands down winner was Rutgers University.

Where’s Junior: On Racism

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I wrote briefly over at Mid-Term Madness about Republican incumbent Senator George Allen’s recent racist remarks towards a young man with dark skin.  Apparently, in Allen’s world, everyone who is darker than Beige number 5 is not really an American.  To make matters worse, the term was actually French slang and, drum roll, Mr. Allen has a French Tunisian mother.  So he knew full well what he was saying and what it referred to.  He just thought he was sly enough for the entire world not to know.

As the events continue to unfold – and I’m still not positive that the use of a racial slur will hurt him among some of the Republican base in Virginia – it’s dawned on me that this is actually becoming a trend in Republican circles.