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Better Know a Legislative District: The Fightin Fourth

Kicking off the “Better know a Legislative District” series, I will take a look at the fightin fourth. 

New Jersey’s 4th Legislative District contains 10 towns across the counties of Camden and Gloucester including Clementon Borough, Franklin Township, Glassboro Borough, Gloucester Township, Laurel Springs Borough, Lindenwold Borough, Monroe Township, Newfield Borough, Pitman Borough and Washington Township.

As of last count, there were 188,830 voters registered in the 4th district with the majority, 56% as independents, 28.5% Democrat and 15.5% registered Republican.  There are Democratic mayors in 7 of 10 towns and the county has been trending Democratic even though it has historically been a very close swing district.  Gloucester Township elected its first Republican Mayor in decades last cycle and Newfield now has a Republican mayor; however Democrats took control in Franklin Township and now hold all seats on council in Washington Township.  Democrats hold many county offices in Camden and Gloucester counties, but this district has had historically close elections including the 2003 contest in which Senator Madden won his seat by 63 votes.  In 2005, Assemblymen Mayer and Moriarty faced Republicans Frank Winters and Corey Ahart defeating them handily 63% to 37%.  There are no clear challengers to any of the seats as of this time.

Displaced Family not allowed to return home

A family who had to leave their home following a fire has been told they are not allowed to return…

Management of the Millstream Apartments has blocked the two adults and four children from returning to the three-bedroom unit damaged by the blaze. Perhaps most disturbing for the family that moved to the township from Newark, N.J. in 2005 looking for a better life, Millstream has refused to tell them why.

So why you may ask, is this family of 6 not allowed to return to their home?  Well Nicole Washington and her partner Lauren Johnson believe it is because of who they are and the lifestyle the lead.

Lauren Johnson, feels that discrimination at more than one level is at play since the couple leads an alternative lifestyle and is black.

The couple was first told the apartment would be ready in 3-6 months, but now the company says…

A district manager for Millstream’s parent company Conifer Realty LLC, told the Times that her company’s decision was based on information from the police investigation into the fire. She later declined to elaborate.

Something doesn’t add up here and the thing that bothered me the most by the article is the company offered the family a 1 bedroom apartment in Camden.  This from a 3 bedroom in Washington Township, are you kidding me?