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Marilyn Golden Testimony against Assisted Suicide

Marilyn Golden, senior Policy Analyst at the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund,  recently sent a cover letter to the New Jersey Senate committee preparing to hear testimony on assisted suicide bill S382.

Dear New Jersey Senators on the Committee on Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens,

The Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF) opposes the legalization of assisted suicide because it poses great dangers to people with disabilities, as well as the general public.

Please see my recent op ed, which was published on the CNN website, for some important reasons why. It is attached.

We strongly urge you to oppose the legalization of doctor-prescribed suicide!

Thank you for your consideration,

Marilyn Golden

Originally published in CNN

My heart goes out to Brittany Maynard, who is dying of brain

cancer and who wrote last week about her desire for what is often

referred to as “death with dignity.”

Yet while I have every sympathy for her situation, it is important to

remember that for every case such as this, there are hundreds — or

thousands — more people who could be significantly harmed if

assisted suicide is legal.

The legalization of assisted suicide always appears acceptable when

the focus is solely on an individual. But it is important to remember

that doing so would have repercussions across all of society, and

would put many people at risk of immense harm. After all, not every

terminal prognosis is correct, and not everyone has a loving  husband, family or support system.

Read the full article at CNN

Watch: This is how not to back down from Gov. Chris Christie

Most of the press following yesterday’s Christie “town hall” in South River focused on the protesters disrupting the tightly-controlled event, and Christie’s new intimidation tactic of photographing them using state police dressed as civilians. But there was another important exchange. This is Maura Collinsgru, healthcare policy advocate for NJ Citizen Action, and Coordinator of the NJ for Health Care Coalition. Watch her simply, calmly refuse to back down as she challenges Christie on why he threw back federal money intended to help get New Jerseyans connected to health coverage.  

Video via CNN.

Next Christie town hall: Thursday morning in Flemington. Details here.

More on the impact of Christie’s decision to squander federal ACA funds.

Photo of the Day: Aaron Howe, 39, homeless in Camden, NJ

In the relative cush of my suburban two-story, I’m bitching about the snow. Less than 50 miles from me, Aaron Howe lives in a tent in Camden. They call him the mayor there, because he takes charge of gathering up supplies and making sure everybody’s covered. There’s a little community of soft-sided domiciles there, put together with nylon and scraps of wood. Howe used to have a trucking business, but he lost everything when the economy nose-dived. This is where he lives now. My New Jersey neighbor is Photo of the Day.

It’s not about starting a gratitude journal, or giving thanks if we’re warm enough and getting the day off from work. It’s about taking some responsibility: living wage, fair housing, community gardens, electing people who give a damn, ending the drug war and beginning to help people get better – not get jailed. And things I can’t think of but you can. This is Aaron Howe’s snow day.

Camden, NJ homeless man Aaron Howe

PHOTO: Blake Ellis, CNN Money. View the series at CNN Money by photographers Blake Ellis and Jordan Malter, and read their stories.  

Port Authority Friday Night FOIA Dump

We’ve been watching the Port Authority’s website. Late tonight, PA posted responses to a number of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for documents related to the sudden closure of local lanes on the George Washington Bridge in September, 2013.

We’re still looking through these; there’s a lot of electronic paper, and dozens of media requests and requests from groups like Judicial Watch.

What we’ve seen so far, below the fold:

QoTD: Bramnick on Christie’s GWB Scandal

Jon Bramnick is no dummy. He’s funny, a leader of his party and their most talked-about for U.S. Senator someday. Or governor.

So here comes Bramnick late last night, dumbing down Chris Christie’s Bridge scandal on CNN:

“We have traffic every day in NJ.”

Why do so many Republicans talk to people like they’re stupid? As though the daily headache of the busiest bridge in the world is what we’re talking about. As though there’s no difference between an everyday traffic jam that’s the product of life in the Northeast corridor and a 5-day mess that somebody paid by the taxpayers ordered to make citizens lives harder. Does he assume Iowa Republicans can be convinced all East Coast traffic is a mess, enough not to blame their entertaining celebre-gov?

Bramnick’s day job? He’s a personal injury lawyer, representing – if his website’s any indication – mostly traffic accidents. You’d think someone with his professional background would be a little less detached from the massive risk to driver and resident safety directed from his governor’s office, before he uses his time with a microphone in his face to defend that governor’s character.

I hope if Assemblyman Bramnick does get on the Assembly’s special investigative committee he keeps the public’s priorities straight.  

Cory Booker, Waywire and CNN Conflict of Interest

Everyone knows that Cory Booker loves social media – heck, at times he seems more interested in Twitter than in Newark! But it seems Booker’s love blinded him to an obvious conflict of interest over at Waywire, the Silicon Valley startup in which he holds a stake worth millions.

As reported by the NY Daily News, Waywire gave a paid consulting gig – including stock options – to the 15-year-old son of CNN boss Jeff Zucker. That kid must be a genius! Why else would Booker and his team have brought him on board?

Of course, once this news went public, the deal was off. Gee, why could that be?

QoTD: Cotton Candy Down the Shore Edition

Christie 'n Obama

It’s heartwarming, isn’t it? Gives you a goofy feeling down in your tummywummy, POTUS’ nostalgia trip with Chris Christie down the Shore. They tossed footballs through a tire! There were stuffed animals! There were matchy-matchy fleeces! (no there weren’t). In fact, as Jake Tapper noted on CNN a few minutes ago, our Quote of the Day:

“The president did everything except feed cotton candy to Christie.”

Tapper, amusing himself as much as anyone else, also suggests you look at this while you listen to this. Tupac. Yes, totally works.

There you have it. Good times were had by all, except maybe the 50 or so Sandy Survivors who braved the rain to say climate change is real.

Rush Holt, America’s physicist congressman, made that point too after Obama’s visit, where he was name-checked inside by POTUS, along with Pallone and Payne. Unfortunately, of course, the governor sucking up all that yummy Sandy press is kind of oblivious to climate change. But so what, right? As long as you snap that picture of Christie with Snooki. Icons. Personalities. Yes, that’s what we need in New Jersey. Yay! Did I mention there was a stuffed animal?

Not name-checked? Or visited by the leader of her party kind of at all? Barbara Buono, in the crowd like the Jersey booster she is. But unmentioned by the Manly Men of Bipartisanship.

And so it goes …