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Bucking Pelosi, Democrats raise Frank Pallone to Ranking Member of the powerful Energy Committee

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It isn’t just the Republicans in the House that can behave like jerks.

Nancy Pelosi created considerable bad blood over the last few days trying to engineer a key committee post for her BFF and fellow California Dem Rep. Anna Eshoo. In a body which takes seniority seriously, Pelosi tried to leap-frog 5th-ranking Dem Eshoo over 3rd-ranking Pallone to be the top Dem on the powerful House Energy and Commerce committee. Pallone was next in line to replace the outgoing Henry Waxman, who did not run for re-election after 21 terms this year.

What particularly galled Democrats, and many women observing, is Pelosi’s decision as House Minority Leader not to allow Rep. Tammy Duckworth a medical exception to vote in the leadership elections this week by proxy. The optics of an elected woman leader, proud of her history of fighting for women’s rights, refusing to bend the rules to allow the participation of a pregnant double amputee  veteran of the Iraq War under doctor’s orders not to travel? Awful, and Pelosi deserves the criticism she’s getting.

Her refusal of Duckworth’s request, and promotion of Eshoo, a lower-ranked member and close friend of Pelosi’s looks petty. Duckworth’s vote would have been for Pallone.

Well, it’s over now. A few minutes ago, Pallone won the vote, by about a 10-vote margin. Consider that another rebuke of Pelosi, reelected a few hours ago as Minority Leader but by no means secure among many House Dems, still unsettled at the midterm Republican rout.

Congratulations to Rep. Pallone, who will be House Energy and Commerce Committee Ranking Member in the 114th Congress. Well-deserved.