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Who gets a Bridgegate indictment? From UP with Steve Kornacki this AM

So, it seems maybe Republican dirty tricksters in thrall to Gov. Christie actually haven’t learned the lessons of Watergate, that the cover up is worse than the crime.

Here’s a pullout quote from Kornacki’s discussion this morning with WNBC’s NJ reporter Brian Thompson, about whose names might appear on “at least six” in indictments he said are likely to come down in January:

Some of them are the obvious names that we’ve seen. And some of them are these obscure names that are buried in the record of the emails etc. – but they are there. Every name is somewhere in the public record, that we know of. We don’t know of any non public-record names.

But here’s the thing. And this is what really ties it all together as a single unified prosecution. And that is, they’re all involved in this – they all have a fingerprint, or more, somewhere in this, which is, from what our sources are saying, all wraps up into a conspiracy to cover up. [emphasis mine]

Watch the video, on the jump page:

ICYMI: Weinberg on MTP, Wiz on This Week & BWC on UP with Steve Kornacki (Videos)

We’ve already posted video from Steve Kornacki’s Sunday show, his very strange Q & A with Belmar’s mayor (see Steve Kornacki asks Matt Doherty a direct question. Does he answer it?). I want to post 3 more for you, in case you missed them. Loretta on MTP was especially good.  Below the fold, John Wisniewski on This Week and Bonnie Watson Coleman doesn’t back down on Kornacki.

Loretta Weinberg on Meet the Press (Chuck Todd subbing for David Gregory): Weinberg gives the specifics of what’s wrong with Mastro’s “report”. By contrast Rudy Giuliani, also guesting, gets only a nod for admitting Christie’s self-exoneration isn’t conclusive. Then he goes on to defend it extensively. He should be ashamed of himself. Maybe he feels obligated to Christie. But hell. He’s a former federal prosecutor. He knows what a real investigation is supposed to look like. Here’s Weinberg:

On the jump page, the Wisniewski & BWC videos.

Steve Kornacki asks Matt Doherty a direct question. Does he answer it?

First rule of projecting your own credibility in a TV interview: If you’re asked a direct question, give a direct answer. Does Matt Doherty do that here? He’s asked whether Chris Christie’s self-exonerating report (by lawyer Randy Mastro) correctly portrays him overhearing a conversation between Hoboken’s mayor Dawn Zimmer and DCA chair Richard Constable, and hearing no promise of Sandy aid in exchange for Zimmer greenlighting Christie-favored development. Does Doherty answer Kornacki’s direct question with a direct answer?  

Hoboken Mayor says Christie held Sandy $$ hostage unless she approved development deal he favored

“Make sure you get my stuff expedited.”

 – Solomon Dwek to Hoboken Mayor Pete Cammarano, 2009

“If you want that Sandy money, you need to get that Rockefeller project moving, because it’s very important to the Governor.”

                                   – LG Gaudagno to Dawn Zimmer, 2013

“”If you move that forward [the Rockefeller project], the money would start flowing to you,” he [DCA Commissioner Richard Constable] tells me.”

                                        – Zimmer journal, May 17, 2013

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer was on UP with Steve Kornacki last night. And … she pretty much blew the lid off the place. Zimmer, who has been one of Gov. Christie’s strongest mayoral cheerleaders, is now accusing Christie of holding Sandy money hostage because she did not approve a redevelopment project a private developer wanted in the time frame Christie wanted. And for this, she says, her city – devastated by Sandy – was starved of the funds he controlled for recovery. And, she contends, the messengers of that threat were LG Gaudagno and DCA Commissioner Richard Constable.

This is complex, involves a good number of high-level Christie inner-sanctum players – including Port Authority Chair David Samson. But if true, it demonstrates a pattern of misuse of government powers and government resources by Christie and those serving him at the highest levels. It is the very same view of Christie that the political-retribution scenario of Christie’s GWB scandal also appears to illustrate. And at least one statement, if true – which Zimmer says she wrote down in her diary after Guadagno said it – also points toward willingness to lie and cover up what the Christie team was doing:

“At the end of a big tour of ShopRite, she [Guadagno] pulls me aside with no one else around and says that I need to move forward with the Rockefeller project. It is very important to the Governor. The word is that you are against it and you need to move forward or we are not going to be able to help you. “I know it’s not right – these things should not be connected – but they are,” she says – if you tell anyone I said that, I will deny it.

                                          – Zimmer journal, May 17, 2013

Below the fold is the 24-minute set-up, a primer to the players and the development deal Zimmer says Christie pressured her to approve. In the next diary down, Zimmer tells the story herself. (videos)

Rush Holt on Syria: “Intervention in a civil war is something that is rarely justified” (Video)

Rush Holt did a 12-minute interview on UP with Steve Kornacki on Syria, discussing the intelligence reports he and other members of Congress are getting from the White House, and where it is lacking, the difficulty of unclear goals, and the need to avoid “quagmire,” and his opinion that working with Congress has not been a strength of President Obama’s – including working with members of his own party in Congress. The whole discussion is worth your time. Below are just two pullouts:

The intelligence on who did what to whom is moderately convincing. Nobody’s using the phrase ‘slam dunk’. And they’d better not, because it’s not that good. It’s good. There is strong intelligence. But all the world knows American intelligence is fallible. We certainly had a reminder of that ten years ago. [snip]

Its not shaping up in the view of the world to be an international operation. And I should make the point that it’s the view of the world that counts. If the purpose of this is to enforce international standards of acceptable behavior, it’s not so much what Congress thinks, it’s not so much even what the American people think. It is what the world community thinks, because it’s the world community ultimately that determines whether this enforcement of world standards is being carried out. And by that measure, we’re not getting there.

Video is just over 12 min. Short ad. Worth the wait.

ICYMI: Steve Lonegan on UP with Kornacki (video)

NJ on teevee this weekend: Compare Lonegan below, with Cory Booker on MTP.

Quite a lot of Saturday’s UP with Steve Kornacki was devoted to New Jersey, the ascendent Cory Booker and his right-wing opponent Steve Lonegan (whose interview is below). Lonegan faces a Wednesday, October 16 special election against a Democrat whose national star has risen whilst playing ‘bipartisan’ footsie with Chris Christie, who also scored as some of Cory Booker’s stardust rubbed off on him. Now, there’s a little bit of a shift. Christie has made his obligatory endorsement of Lonegan, and dashed away, far away (feeling’s mutual). And Christie and Booker are once again on opposite sides of a dividing line neither one of them always sees.

For me the question of whether the flawed Booker gets my vote is best summed up here. If you’re on the fence or considering sitting this one out, this interview is for you.

Bonus: Below, Lonegan on UP. Below the fold, the segment devoted to this Q: Are New Jerseyans are finally remembering Christie’s a Republican?

Brief ad. Totally worth the wait. So’s the look on Lizz Winstead’s face, the entire convo.

ICYMI: Jimmy Margulies cartoon on Christie’s 2013-2016 fork in the road

When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

                                       – Yogi Berra, Montclair, NJ

So far, Chris Christie can’t seem to make up his mind which way – hello, which fork – he commits to. There’s his absence from NJ, jetting around the country at the behest of check-writing Republicans, to say nothing of the arrogance of going under general anesthesia (and out of state) without turning power over to the LG. But even when Christie’s here, is he governing in NJ’s best interest? Or just playing to the Iowa cornfields? Dumbing down on climate change, pulling us out of RGGI, shutting women’s healthcare funding out of the budget (again), getting himself stuck on marriage equality. The list goes on.

Funny how Margulies and Buono made essentially the same point today (Margulies added Christie’s questionable behavior behind the wheel, and how the law & order man behaves when caught). Which fork, Governor?

Jimmy Margulies cartoon 7/7/13