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We All Fell For It

Let’s be clear about what is happening here. On this and other blogs, we are seeing the successes of the Karl Rove playbook. It’s working. Phenominally. You bought it, I bought it and of course, Senator Menendez bought it. Make no mistake – Menendez’s vote yesterday was unjustifiable, period. But this vote had one purpose and one purpose only – to put Menendez, Stabenow, Ford and Brown in a position with two seemingly difficult choices.

On the one hand, he could have voted against the bill, in which case the GOP would have run ads showing Menendez and bin Laden high-fiving each other while sharing margaritas on the beach. On the other, he could have voted for it, and suffered the wrath of a furious base. He made the wrong choice, both policy-wise and politically.

The fact is that no matter what he does, we know that the GOP will call him a traitor, a “cut and runner”, a terrorist coddler, and worse (they already have). We should never forget that we face a party so full of hate that they morphed bin Laden’s face into that of a veteran who lost three limbs fighting for his country. There is nothing, NOTHING Menendez could do to avoid a similar fate, yet he fell into their trap.

What we’re seeing today are the rightful cries of anger and distress over losing something so fundamental to our democracy. That’s exactly what Karl Rove was hoping for, and Tom Kean Jr is loving it. It’s perfect timing because his campaign all along has been a lie – a clumsily staged production of astroturfing and deception where “Democrats” had supposedly lost faith in Menendez and were turning to Tom Kean Jr. Their story is still a fairy-tale, but the media may now report it as truth and through a revisionist sleight of hand, it will have been true all along.

Everyone has a right to and should be angry, sad and jaded because of this vote. I am. But after the dust settles, I’m not going to give Karl Rove the pleasure of desecrating my country any more than he already has.

Not all of us are corrupt

I don’t usually post letters to the editor, but this one in today’s Jersey Journal hits the nail on the head. Not all of us are corrupt:

I am from Hudson County and I am not corrupt. Senator Bob Menendez is also from Hudson County, and I do not believe he is corrupt either, but Karl Rove and Thomas Kean Jr. want you to think both of us are corrupt.

Sen. Menendez has held elected office in Hudson County for over 20 years, without the slightest hint of wrongdoing. Yet in the first week of the campaign season against Thomas Kean Jr., there are suddenly unsubstantiated claims of corruption. Yes, there are allegations, but no proof. How does the Kean campaign know that records seized had any thing to do with Sen. Menendez? Aren’t investigations confidential? Oh, I know, since Karl Rove orchestrated the allegations, he told Junior. You see, to Republicans, every one in Hudson County is corrupt, so you don’t need to supply proof.

Karl Rove is the guy that wiretapped his own office, and then tried to claim his political opponent was guilty of the offense. The Karl Rove political machine made up allegations against John McCain, John Kerry and Max Cleland and got away with it, so why not try it in New Jersey. If voters continue to let the Rove slime machine deceive them, who knows, next they will be manipulating the public to justify their unnecessary war. Oh, they have already done that, and as a result, we now have as many dead soldiers as victims of 9/11.


Standing Up For Bob Menendez

(Cross-posted from the Menendez blog.)

I had the great pleasure to pass Constitution Day, Monday, September 18, in New Jersey, standing up for Bob Menendez.  It is always an honor to be invited to share my views on subjects of concern, and a responsibility I take seriously as a citizen to participate in the election of those who would lead us.  In fact, there is no greater expression of the contract that binds this nation together under the Constitution than free and fair elections.  And there have been no elections in recent American history where the stakes are so high and the differences between the parties so stark.  Are we going to allow this administration eight years of unaccountable government?  How many government failures are we going to tolerate before we wake up?  Aren’t Iraq and Katrina enough?  For how long are we going to allow the administration to squander our international leadership and make us less safe than before?  How much of the nation’s treasury are we going to permit the crony capitalists to plunder?  In short, are we going to continue down the path of failed policies and failed leaders as Bush-Cheney clone Tom Kean, Jr. wants, or are we going to hold the administration accountable by electing strong candidates like Bob Menendez?  These are the issues that frame the elections this year and why they are so important.

I do not know New Jersey well.  After all, I am from California and spent most of my adult life overseas as a diplomat, mostly in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.  That said, I have over the past several years come to know a number of members of the New Jersey Congressional delegation including Jon Corzine, Frank Lautenberg and Rush Holt.  Of all of them, I have known Bob Menendez the longest, having worked with him on issues of importance to his constituents when he was a Congressman and I was Senior Director for African Affairs at the National Security Council in the Clinton administration.  Later, I came to value Bob’s counsel about the necessity to see the leak of my wife’s CIA identity as a national security issue rather than a partisan political squabble.  Bob was right about that even as the White House and its right wing echo chamber did everything possible to try to make the smear campaign “politics as usual” and to divert attention from its despicable acts.

Karl Rove & Tom Kean Jr: Two Hacks in a Pod

Tom Kean Jr not only takes money from Karl Rove, he also participates in his smear campaign against anyone those who would dare question the administration’s lies. From Perfectly Wrong:

As if anyone needed any further proof that Tom Kean jr follows the marching orders of Karl Rove and the Bush Republicans, check out his recent comments about Ambassador Joseph Wilson.

Kean said, “Joe Wilson has been widely discredited by members of the media…”

This is the standard Bush administration talking point. Wilson has been the target of a vile, Karl Rove-directed smear campaign ever since he exposed the Bush administration’s lies about Iraq’s WMD programs in the run-up to the Iraq war. That smear campaign ultimately blew the cover of Wilson’s CIA-agent wife Valerie Plame.

And when Wilson came to New Jersey to campaign for Senator Bob Menendez, Kean jr made sure to carry out the campaign. Kinda tells you something about the Kean jr’s loyalty to the Bush Republican agenda.

This is most pathetic and fundamentally un-American type of attack. Kean Jr readily admits that despite the benefit of hindsight, he would still have sent our troops to fight in Iraq for a lie – a lie that Joe Wilson helped expose. Tom Kean Jr’s solution to this cognitive dissonance is to cowardly attack, discredit and smear anything that would burst his bubble and force him to own up to the truth.

Tom Kean Jr <3 Karl Rove

At least according to the NY Post. Though he said he wouldn’t be able to make the Karl Rove fundraiser for him, Kean Jr was spotted having lunch with him yesterday.


EDGAR Bronfman Jr. with his kids at Yankee Stadium, sitting right behind the Red Sox dugout . . . KARL Rove, Sens. Conrad Burns (R-Mont.) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and N.J. candidate for the U.S. Senate Tom Kean lunching at that Republican stronghold ’21’ . . . GWEN Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, both in camouflage, at Sascha’s sidewalk cafe with their baby.

College Republican Thugs

A few people are upset that we’re picking on a bunch of innocent little college Republican kids who just want to be involved in politics. Stop kidding yourselves. They’re sick people.

Earlier today, Ambassador Joe Wilson, who’s wife Valerie Plame was outed as a CIA agent, was in New Jersey to support Bob Menendez’s campaign.

Joe Wilson

While introducing the senator at the Rutgers University event, the college Republicans in the crowd (at least some, including suit/sandals fashion diva, were the same as the ones at the bowling alley) heckled Wilson and yelled out that he should apologize to Karl Rove. Get that? They believe that Karl Rove, one of the people who outed his wife, and who shopped the information around to various conservative news sources as policital revenge deserves an apology.

“I just got off the phone with Karl Rove, who said your wife was fair game.”
  — MSNBC host Chris Matthews, in a phone call to Ambassador Joseph Wilson after the exposure of Wilson’s wife as an undercover CIA operative.

Later, when Senator Menedez spoke about the need for a change of course in Iraq and to bring our troops home safely, the college Republicans accused him of being a traitor.

To summarize: Leaking the identity of a covert CIA agent who was investigating Iraq’s possible purchase of nuclear processing materials: good. Questioning the failed policies of a president: traitorous. It’s that simple. They’re just a bunch of ignorant thugs and that’s how they deserve to be treated.

Where’s Tom Kean Jr?

Tom Kean Jr says he will miss Karl Rove’s fundraiser for him tonight because he has to attend legislative committee hearings:

Now Kean claims that legislative committee meetings require his presence in Trenton on Monday, forcing him to miss a campaign luncheon in New York starring Republican Party animal Karl Rove.

The Senate Health Committee is having a hearing on needle exchange this morning, which started at 10:00AM. Health committee member Tom Kean Jr has yet to show up. So much for his pledge not to have politics interfere with his legislative duties.

Self-correcting blogosphere update: Junior is at the judiciary hearing. Apparently he dodged the health committee hearing to avoid having to answer about needle exchange.

Re-directing blogosphere by Huntsu: Kean, jr. is using his legislative duties in an avoidance two-step today, ducking both Karl Rove and the needle exchange discussion.  Kean, jr. was so driven on this issue that he filed a lawsuit blocking a pilot needle exchange program back in 2004, and now skips the most important hearing on the issue to interview the new AG who has unanimous Republican and Democratic Support. 

Kean, jr. is not only using “legislative duties” to avoid the hard politics of his connections to Karl Rove and the DC Republicans, but also using his “legislative duties” to avoid his “legislative duties”!