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How long until they take that link down?

Update: The answer: less than 2 hours.

Salem County Democrats endorse Lautenberg

Salem Democrats endorse Lautenberg

Since I was scouring all the county party websites I found linked from njdems.org, I thought I’d share some comments on a couple sites.

Atlantic County: ADODB.Field error ‘80020009’

Bergen County: ___

Essex County: QrjMhPnORWFmSE

Hudson County: “Paid for by the Hudson County Democratic Organization”. Really? You had to pay for that?

Hunterdon County: Nice work.

Monmouth County: almost as nice as Bergen’s. (Update: the link on njdems.org was wrong. it’s .org, not .com)

Passaic County: Nice, but no leadership?

Sussex County: Gotta love the stock photos.

Union County: Animated fireworks, frames, and pixelated graphics. Cutting edge stuff in 1996.

Chris Smith on CNET’s Worst Political Websites

This is funny from CNet (via Political Wire), Rep. Chris Smith is at the top of the list.

The problem in selecting the most ridiculous, poorly crafted, or just plain bizarre political Web sites is an embarrassment of riches: There are so many worthy contenders. But whatever the criteria, the Web site of Rep. Chris Smith, a New Jersey Republican who’s running for re-election, would qualify. Anyone thinking of putting up a Web site that’s devoid of actual content should skip the project instead on grounds of sheer embarrassment. (We took the accompanying screen snapshot last week. This week, the Web site has changed to become even less useful.)

This is in stark contrast to Carol Gay’s informative site.

On Joe, website outages and tech consultants.

Over at TPMmuckraker,
Justin Rood has a story up about the Lieberman website outage, one that Josh references here, calling Joe’s tech d00dZ, and I quote “boneheads”.

While they might be, that ain’t necessarily true, based upon at least some of the tech decisions they made, decisions made upon economic realities.

Yeah, even Joe’s got ’em.

So wade in for what will be, at the very least, a partial refutation and a BlueJersey quasi-possible-sorta-exclusive on what might have brought the site down.

Of course, after da’ jump.