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Menendez Not Supporting Filibuster. Yet.

In a previous diary, jmelli claimed that Menendez is supporting the filibuster, citing only Grapevine evidence. In that thread, Bertin Lefkovic wondered where jmelli got that information because it was not verified on Google or anywhere else.

You would think, if this were true, that PoliticsNJ or the Star Ledger would have picked it up by now.

So in a display of the self-correcting nature of the blogosphere, I called Menendez’s office just now, 9 am on Monday morning, and asked them. The greeter told me that jmelli is wrong. Menendez is not supporting the filibuster. Yet.

So get on those phones and call him at (202) 224-4744. The time is now!

Menendez to support filibuster

We hear that Senator Bob Menendez will be supporting an effort to filibuster Alito. Call his office to let him know we’re behind him, and call Lautenberg’s office to encourage him to join the filibuster.

Sen. Bob Menendez: (202) 224-4744
Sen. Frank Lautenberg: (202) 224-3224

“We’ll add Junior’s call to the list”

Menendez’ Senate challenger Tom Kean Jr yesterday said that “if we can’t count on our two senators to fight for New Jersey and a highly qualified judicial appointment, who can we count on to fight for us?”

Menendez spokesperson Matthew Miller said the office has received 918 calls against confirming Alito and 190 in favor. Miller: “We take the opinions of all of our constituents very seriously. … We’ll add Junior’s call to the list, and that will make it 191.

Update: Senator Kerry is supporting a filibuster of Alito. Call Menendez and Lautenberg and urge them to join the filibuster.
Sen. Bob Menendez: (202) 224-4744
Sen. Frank Lautenberg: (202) 224-3224

Rumors that we’re close to filibuster

From the chair of NJ NOW:


Please take a few moments of your day TODAY to CALL Senator Menendez’s offices. Let him know you expect him to continue his record of supporting women and their families, and that while you know these may be his first two weeks, we need these first two weeks to be his greatest. **Tell his office you expect a filibuster!**

**Leave a message if you can’t get through. Each call from you is equal to 10 people who feel that way and didn’t call! **

**1. CALL THE WASHINGTON OFFICE:** (202) 224-4744

**2. Call The South Jersey Office** (856) 757-4353

**3. Call the Newark Office** (973) 645-3030**

**4. Sign Our Petition

I’d say call Menendez, Lautenberg, Schumer (who’s taking a tally) Reid, Feingold, Feinstein and Leahy and ask for a filibuster. Call Snowe, Collins. Congressional switchboard: 800-614-2803 or get individual numbers of gang of 14 at NJ Media Corps

News Roundup

  • Corzine speaks in support of Laurel Hester: “My personal view is that this was a committed relationship, and I would be sympathetic with death benefits being paid.”
  • Senator Menendez expressed concerns about judge Alito’s views on abortion rights and presidential powers: “I am unsettled he is not willing to say Roe is settled law.” You can urge Menendez to oppose Alito by calling his office at (202) 224-4744.
  • State legislators wasted no time introducing a bill that would ban smoking in casinos, hoping to close the ridiculous exemption in the recently signed smoking ban.
  • A WSJ/Zogby poll has Tom Kean Jr leading Senator Menendez (45-38) in a Senate matchup. A recent FDU poll had Kean up 36-25.
  • DumpMike.com gets a mention in the National Journal’s Beltway Blogroll.
  • Democrats in the state outraised Republicans by 3-1, despite the new pay-to-play law. It’s time for real pay-to-play reform, not the half-assed measures we’ve been given by a leadership afraid to break the viscious power-purchasing cycle.
  • According to Cindy Adams of the New York Post, Corzine “thanked a laundry list of people at his swearing-in, but not” Bob Torricelli, “whose name was on his printed text.”
  • Come On, Bob Menendez, Make My Day

    Will he or won’t he?

    The Philadelphia Inquirer wonders if newly minted New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez will give thumbs up to Sam “The Sham” Alito for the U.S. Supreme Court. In response, Menendez blows enough smoke to earn himself a mention in the Kyoto Protocol. Now, I wasn’t happy when it became clear that Jon Corzine was going to put Menendez in his old Senate seat, and I complained about it here at long and no doubt wearisome length. Now that Menendez has the prize he spent decades angling for, I can only sit and hope to be pleasantly surprised, and a “no” vote on this fork-tongued, sidestepping legal apologist for the imperial presidency would definitely fall under the heading of “pleasant surprise.”

    You hear that, senator? I said “pleasant surprise.” Pleasant surprise! PLEASANT SURPRISE.


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    What if I joined the Klan after Rutgers and just don’t remember?

    What we conveniently forget when we hail the heroes of the women’s movement, the civil rights movement, the abolitionist movement, the labor movement, and every great American struggle for dignity, freedom and equality is that so many people fought really really hard AGAINST these great societal changes, and continue to do so here in NJ and around the nation.

    They are the unsung anti-heroes of selfishness, greed and hate, and those who have prospered mightily by willingly associating with these dishonorable folks deserve far more attention than they usually get. So, for the tears of a wife too shocked or ashamed to hear her husband called out for his bigoted past, or lying about it, that sound you hear is the world’s smallest fiddle.

    Protest ‘Justice Sunday III’ (sic), Jan 8, 6:30pm Philly

    Women’s groups and suburban Philly Dem groups will be joining too.


    Philadelphia SUNDAY JANUARY 8 at “JUSTICE SUNDAY III” (sic)

    Jerry Falwell. Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council. James Dobson from Focus on the Family. Rick Santorum. All coming to Philadelphia on Jan 8 to rally on “Justice Sunday” to pack the Supreme Court. This event will be telecast live across the country.

    Happy New Year, everybody.

    “Justice” is the right to health care and effective HIV prevention, reproductive freedom, and freedom from homophobia and bigotry — not fundamentalist extremism from the extreme right wing.

    Join ACT UP Philadelphia, people of faith, people of conscience, women’s health groups and other friends in Philadelphia at 7 PM on Sunday January 8 2006 to protest “Justice Sunday III” — a national rally for religious extremist groups who are fighting for a judiciary that is as reactionary as they are.

    “Justice Sunday III” comes just one day before the Senate Judiciary Committee opens hearings for Supreme Court Justice Nominee Samuel Alito.

    “Justice Sunday III” will include notorious fixtures of the radical right Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, and Jerry Falwell along with Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.

    These right wing religious groups exert extraordinarily powerful influence over White House policies on HIV prevention, global AIDS, science, sex education and public health.

    Join us outside the Greater Exodus Baptist Church, at 704 North Broad Street at 6:30 for a spirited rally and protest.

    For more information please call ACT UP Philadelphia at (215) 386-1981