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News Roundup and Open Thread for Thursday, July 30, 2015

A heat wave continues today: stay cool and hydrated.

Despite an appeal to the Appellate Court from environmental groups: oral arguments start this morning on the NJDEP v. Exxon settlement case. Among others in protest, Sen. Ray Lesniak will submit his statement indicating, “The court should reject Christie’s settlement because it violates laws of the State of New Jersey, in addition to being unfair, unreasonable and inadequate.”

To dig or not to dig: Christie says he and Gov. Cuomo are committed to building a new trans-Hudson tunnel and will meet with the US Secretary of Transportation shortly. Christie has his demands. He, Cuomo, and the Port Authority are looking to the feds for substantial funding. With a dysfunctional congress that now can not even agree on how to refund the depleted US transportation account, this plan could be a tunnel too far. However, any news seems like good news for NJ Transit riders who just went through a week in hell.

Sen. Sweeney wants a $1 trillion federal loan program to rescue the states’ public worker pensions. A nice idea, but is this an impossible dream?

Christie’s vanity campaign: Real Clear Politics today indicates he is 10th (3.2) with Kasich now ahead of him in the national polls, 13th (2.3) in Iowa, 7th (5.0) in New Hampshire and 9th (5.7) in South Carolina.

Christie’s campaign proposes to sharply limit federal health care funding under Medicaid: NJPP says, “It would result in the loss of about $15 billion in federal funding for New Jersey over eight years.”  

President Christie’s’ choice for Supreme Court: would be a Samuel Alito clone. No surprise there, but it makes one wonder after so many harsh pronouncements on the road what he will espouse when he returns to his governor’s job in blue New Jersey.

Super PAC’s start to dominate races in NJ: POLITICO: Four of the five Democrats considering a run for governor in 2017 have super PACs. There was even one for a town council race in Parsippany.

Super storm Sandy lingering effects: slow rebuilding of homes and businesses, long insurance battles and mold that refuses to die – have taken a toll on the mental health of residents in its path.

Rutgers to give stipends to scholarship athletes: Under new NCAA rules they will receive up to $4,900.

Triple Crown winner American Pharaoh coming to New Jersey: The Haskell Invitational horse race takes place at Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport Sunday. Don’t expect to find hotel space anywhere near there this weekend.

How slavery was written into New Jersey’s DNA: Salon’s fascinating early history of slavery in our state – including Mendham Township.  

A Tale of Two Executives

Governor Christie’s disagreement with the New Jersey Supreme Court on its decision pertaining to the Council on Affordable Housing was not the first time that an executive disagreed with a high court.

Remember Barack Obama’s reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision allowing unlimited secret political contributions by special interest groups? In his 2010 State of the Union Address, the President said

“Last week, the Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the floodgates for special interests – including foreign corporations – to spend without limit in our elections.”

Compare that statement to Governor Christie’s reaction to the COAH decision

“The chief justice’s activist opinion arrogantly bolsters another of the failures he and his colleagues have foisted on New Jersey taxpayers. This only steels my determination to continue to fight to bring common sense back to New Jersey’s judiciary.”

While Obama’s remarks attacked the decision and not the decision-makers, Christie impugned the integrity of the justices personally. That’s a big difference.

Whether you agree or disagree with President Obama, his reaction shows respect for the court, their processes, and the justices. But Christie’s childish bullying reaction shows disdain and immaturity. Christie may be able to snooker the voters of New Jersey, but he has proven time and again that he is not presidential material, and not ready for prime time on the world stage.

America deserves better than Chris Christie. And so does New Jersey.

Dana Milbank: Samuel Alito is a Childish Clown

Good catch on Milbank. Promoted by Rosi

This week we’re hearing many of the decisions from the Supreme Court of the United States that will have major impacts on our lives, but Dana Milbank notes another: NJ’s own Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito of Trenton is a bully and a jerk.

The associate justice, a George W. Bush appointee, read two opinions, both 5-4 decisions that split the court along its usual right-left divide. But Alito didn’t stop there. When Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg read her dissent from the bench, Alito visibly mocked his colleague.

Ginsburg, the second woman to serve on the high court, was making her argument about how the majority opinion made it easier for sexual harassment to occur in the workplace when Alito, seated immediately to Ginsburg’s left, shook his head from side to side in disagreement, rolled his eyes and looked at the ceiling.

Milbank has several other examples of Alito being a childish clown, mostly to the other women on the court (shocking, I know) but also to the President of the United States during the State of the Union Speech.  This is a speech that in the past was given huge respect, but now has clowning from the Supremes and members of Congress heckling the President.  

Oh, these are REPUBLICAN Supremes and REPUBLICAN members of Congress mocking a Democratic President and Democratic nominated Supremes (Ginsberg, Kagan and Sotomayor).  It’s more evidence that the break down of “comity” and bipartisanship has s a one-way path from stage right to left.

The sad thing is that we’re stuck with Alito tarnishing the reputation of New Jersey more than Snooki (who is from New York, BTW).  The dude’s only 63 and can probably expect two or three more decades of acting like a pubescent punk.

anti-Menendez card sent to Italian-Americans

This recent mailing was mentioned earlier today by sandy23, in a comment to Steven Hart’s front page diary.  I’d just like to add a bit more info.

The yellow postcards criticize Menendez for his opposition to the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, and suggest that New Jersey’s Italian-Americans should therefore oppose the Senator and vote for Junior Kean.

The card was allegedly produced and mailed by the Filangieri Society for Justice and Good Government, an entity based in Monmouth Beach.  If you check the organization’s web site, it appears to be blank.  Bad sign.  It’s probably just a phony front group run out of some guy’s garage.

Just how stupid does this bogus Society (and/or the Kean campaign) think NJ’s Italian-Americans are?  Menendez obviously opposed Alito’s nomination because Alito is an extremist right-winger, not because he is the wrong ethnic type. 

Just as Junior is exploiting immigrant issues and smearing Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, he is attempting to exploit the fact that about 20% of New Jerseyans (as the card helpfully notes) are of Italian descent.  Frankly, it seems vaguely creepy that some GOP goon (or computer) combed through voter lists for names that end with vowels.

Junior calling the kettle black

From the Inside Edge:

Tom Kean’s U.S. Senate campaign took a shot at the Democratic incumbent for voting against the confirmation of Samuel Alito as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court: “Today, Bob Menendez sent his message loud and clear — partisanship is more important than the people of New Jersey. Instead of fighting for Judge Alito, he chose to embrace the political bitterness that is dividing America.” But on the same day, Kean voted against the confirmation of Zulima Farber as Attorney General of New Jersey.

Menendez off to a good start

He wasn’t my guy, and I wouldn’t have backed him if I had been asked, but ya gotta give credit when credit’s due, and he acquitted himself admirably in his first outing, commenting on the Alito appointment, I would say.

Video (here) and transcript courtesy of PFAW:
Link Text

Menendez will vote against cloture

At this point it’s just a symbolic vote, but Senator Menendez will be voting to support the pretend filibuster. (and this time, it’s confirmed)

Update: both of our Senators votes against cloture. Call to thank them:

Sen. Bob Menendez: (202) 224-4744
Sen. Frank Lautenberg: (202) 224-3224

Menendez Didn’t Announce Filibuster Plans (Live Blogging)

Check out my live blogging of the Jersey guys (Lautenberg and Menendez) down below. But first:

I heard from someone on DU that his staff was still taking a tally on the filibuster as he was on the floor between 2:40 and 3:00 pm.

The original part of this thread was posted at 1 o’clock about John Kerry, but it has morphed into something completely different. I include that stuff on top just for continuity.


John Kerry was just on the floor from 12:40 to 1:00.

He asked for 15 more minutes, but was granted it only at 2:00 as they were on an hourly minority/majority basis.

So if Kerry takes 15 minutes at 2:00, whoever goes before Lautenberg will go until 2:35 and then Lautenberg will go from 2:35 to 2:55, leaving Menendez only 5 minutes befor the majority gets their hour back.

Do you think that will be enough time for Menendez to make his announcement? I don’t.

I’m starting to think Kerry is really just a hog. John in DC and Matt Stoller may be right. Kerry is using the Netroots for his ’08 aspirations.

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