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Three Competitive Congressional Races

My June 4 diary, Yesterday’s Congressional Primaries and November’s Election indicated, “So with six Democratic seats likely to remain Democratic, are there other seats where Democrats can oust a Republican? Below are three districts where Democratic challengers may be poised to launch a strong campaign:” CD 3 (“With Jon Runyan (R) resigning, this open seat probably offers the best chance for a Democratic upset. The race is probably a toss-up at this moment.”), CD 2 (“Perhaps the land is now a little more shaky with Democrat William Hughes as the challenger. This is another battleground where the fight will be difficult but possibly winnable.”), and CD5 (“Roy Cho (D) may yet offer strong competition. It is clearly a difficult, uphill battle, but victory would be so sweet.”) Fast forward to today: In these three congressional districts Democrats have indeed launched strong campaigns.

Doing battle successfully against incumbents, as in CD 2 and CD 5, is never easy nor in CD 3, which with the exception of John Adler in 2010, has long voted Republican. It will require all hands on deck. With less than a month to go, see below the fold for an update, and join the fray.