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Christie: This morning in his comfort zone?

<< SPARTA (AP) 11:35 am: During his 137th Town Hall meeting in Sparta today, Gov. Chris Christie politely declined a request that he resign.>>

<< 12:40 am: Warriors in Sparta rise up: Christie got into a lengthy back-and-forth about the topic of [his promised payments to the state’s public worker pension system]. >>

After Bridgegate indictments, a battering at the Supreme Court, and declining poll numbers, this morning at 10:30 Christie is holding another Town Hall show. He is at the Sussex County Technical School at 105 North Church Road in Sparta in the land of rolling hills and countryside.

An Unenthusiastic Veto Override

A corrected version of this earlier post follows:

Governor Christie continues his unblemished record of preventing legislative overrides of his vetoes. He succeeded again on Monday by rallying his troops to defeat a bill that would have “required more detailed reporting by the state about the long-term impact of its soaring debt.” So reasonable and needed was this bill that the Assembly initially passed it unanimously. Christie’s victory, however, was not so sweet for him.  

To override Gov. Christie’s veto, 54 Yes votes were required, including enough Republican votes. The results were (Bill A961) Yes (45), No (5), Not Voting (7) and Abstains (23).

Of the Republican Sponsors of the bill, only one legislator stuck to his principles and voted Yes: Jay Webber.

These Republican Sponsors changed their minds and did NOT vote Yes: Alison McHose (abstained), Chris Brown (abstained), Maria Rodriguez-Gregg (not voting), Declan O’Scanlon (abstained), Parker Space (abstained), and Anthony Bucco (abstained).

Only five Republicans were unequivocal in their No vote: Brian Rumpf, Mary Pat Angelini, Jack Ciattarelli, DiAnne Gove, and Gregory McGuckin.

Other Republicans waffled by abstaining or did not vote.

So only five Republicans voted to override, one Republican Sponsor had the guts to vote Yes, and most Republicans quietly abstained – not much enthusiasm from Christie’s troops. If this is a trend we may yet achieve an override before our governor disappears into the mist.