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QoTD: “the only tidbit”

Quote of the Day goes to Matt Katz:

As New Jerseyans by the tens of thousands were hours away from the biggest climate change march in history – in NYC and around the world – Christie was – in your face, science – hobnobbing with GOP money bigshots convened by the Koch brothers who are firmly on the side of wrecking the environment for their almighty dollar.

The dinner was firmly off-limits to the press, so we don’t know much beyond the fact that Christie made food jokes to the party, and how much poundage he’s dropped.

We do know that Christie is capable of letting NJ policy be driven by what serves the Kochs and their ilk, who don’t open their wallets for candidates that put the interests of their states ahead of the interests of guys like the Kochs. Don’t need reporters in the room to know that much.  

Climate March – Sept. 21, 2014, all over the world

Today, there were 2,000 climate change events in 150 countries – the largest mobilization against climate change in the history of the planet – as the United Nations prepares for the opening Tuesday of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Climate Summit. That will include President Obama, but not, as hoped, to commit the U.S. to contribute funds to help poor countries cope with climate change which has been mostly caused by wealthier countries.

One hundred thousand were expected in NYC today; 310,000 showed up. Mother Jones tracked the day in photos and social media, and this photo is theirs:

Climate March Sept. 21, 2014 NYC

NYC’ mayor Bill DeBlasio marked the day by announcing plans to upgrade city buildings as part of a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the city significantly by 2050. Chris Christie? Not so much.