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Watch NJTV’s video & decide for yourself: Does Christie’s “town hall” schtick still work?

NJTV makes some of their news coverage embeddable, which is good, and reporter David Cruz filed this video of Gov. Christie’s “town hall” yesterday in Kenilworth.

Mr. Cruz appears to make the same point I did about this event, though in a more even-handed way that I did. I pointed out that, particularly when confronted with the teacher with Exxon settlement questions, Christie’s schtick of evading the question by humiliating the person daring to ask it isn’t working for him anymore. The teacher, surely having seen his schtick before, calmly says, “I’m not here to be bullied.” After he tries to bully her some more, he finally answers the question (not well).  Mr. Cruz points out Christie still gets the same standing-O he’s used to, but is like the crooner who has to sing the same song over and over … just to sell some albums. Some things still work; he still runs these things in daytime when most people are working, which helps guarantee an audience that still responds with more appreciation than polls indicate New Jerseyans actually have.

Some context is needed regarding the outburst from Newark students, most of which regular readers already know, but I’ll remind you. Gov. Christie’s big initiative in Newark is his hand-picked agent sent to dismantle and privatize public education. Cami Anderson has been a disorganized, disrespectful disaster there, and student protests against her plans are national news. A hot potato for a guy with White House dreams. And if you think that the jarring whistle and calls of “Arrest Christie!” (below) are rude, I would remind you that the Governor’s response was no less rude when he was asked respectfully almost a year ago to bring a “town hall” to Newark so people could talk to him.

NJTV’s video on the jump page.  

Newark Student Union sit-in: Scare tactics and avoidance from absent Cami Anderson

UPDATE 1: Watch Newark Public Schools officials attempting to withhold food brought to the building by parents & community to manipulate students into ending the sit-in in order to eat. Food was held up for hours by NPS officials yesterday, until clergy forced themselves through security. Watch

UPDATE 2: Mayor Ras Baraka spoke to press outside Newark Public Schools this AM, expressing solidarity.


Full letter, signed by Cami Anderson’s Assistant Superintendent, is at end of post.

Yesterday, as Newark high school students were rolling toward their first 24 hours of a sit-in protest at the office of School Superintendent Cami Anderson, this letter was hand-delivered to their parents at their homes. I’m told that Newark police officers were used to deliver them, a dubious use of law enforcement personnel. Nothing says I care about your kids better than sending a cop to your door.  

Barringer HS, Newark, is on lockdown, the heat off in part of the school, the heat rising outside

UPDATE: The action outside just ended. I’ll update when I know more, but he school is open now. I’m told the students who left are being prevented from re-entering.

It is 31 degrees in Newark. And this is the scene right now, posted minutes ago, outside Barringer High School:

At noon today, students at Barringer High School planned a walkout to protest the chaotic and disrespectful ‘One Newark’ plan of Cami Anderson and Chris Christie. But now, it’s a few minutes after noon, and the heat is off in many of the rooms at the school. And Barringer is in lockdown, with security trying to block the doors and keep students in. Some students have gotten out, congregating outside.

TONIGHT: Christie & Romney party down on the Bridgegate anniversary

Scandal? What scandal? We gonna party DOWN and raise more money for da party of NO!

                                                        – Chris ‘n Mitt

Governor Christie has been in Illinois all day while Newark students staged a sit-down strike in front of his state-controlled school superintendent Cami Anderson’s office, demanding she come out and talk to them. Christie only took notice enough to disparage teenage kids while ignoring their pleas to engage with them, then blow town. He’s only returning to New Jersey tonight – not for you, or for New Jersey – but to party down with Mitt Romney at a shindig put together by prison halfway house-privatizer and Christie BFF Bill Palatucci. It’s sold out, to people who paid $150 to get in the door or $5,000 to cozy up to Governor Gone Boy and Mitt 47% Romney.

New Jersey Citizen Action wants in on the birthday action; it’s Christie’s birthday week and Bridgegate’s birthday, too. They made the video below, all about how much of our money Christie’s blown through protecting himself at taxpayer expense from all his scandals. If you want to say Hi! to Gov. Christie and thank him for wasting your money you can join NJ Citizen Action starting at 5pm outside Christie’s Romney event in East Brunswick.