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Faces and Places from #NN15 Day 2

In addition to the rousing reception for Elizabeth Warren, there were dozens of other activities happening at the Phoenix Convention Center in Netroots Nation. Here are some snippets…

“Demonstration without legislation ends up with frustration.”

Congressman Keith Ellison talking about his “Voters First” initiative to take back the state legislatures and Congress.

Too often, DC groups come in and think they know all the answers.”

Nich Rathod – Executive Director, State Innovation Exchange

More of Day 2 below the fold…

Howard Dean’s guy

Correction: Must have been tired when I wrote this. Murphy was Dean’s Finance Chair, not Director. I knew that. But thanks to BL for flagging it.

Early news pieces took note of Phil Murphy’s time as a Goldman Sachs exec, and ambassador to Germany, skipping over the part of Murphy’s bio that always interested me more.

Phil Murphy was Howard Dean’s Finance Director at DNC, which makes him a key player in the span of Democratic activity that made most sense to me, and under which Democrats strengthened state parties, and took both houses of Congress and the White House. Phil Murphy was the guy that made sure Dean’s 50-State Strategy was well-financed.

I don’t agree with Howard Dean on everything, but he’s still making sense to me right now, post-Tuesday asking where the Hell was the Democratic Party? and talking about the Dems’ failure-to-commit, chickenshit (my term, not his) failure to stand for anything, as its own undoing.  

Saturday: DFA’s Jim Dean in New Jersey – for Gardner, Corfield, Zipprich & Bidwell

Tomorrow, pretty much all day, Jim Dean will be in New Jersey. Jim is Chair of Democracy for America and brother of its Founder Howard Dean. Jim will be here for, and do events with, four New Jersey candidates all of whom have earned DFA’s national endorsement as progressive priorities. All are open both to DFA-NJ members and non-members. It’s going to be a good day. Here are the details of Jim’s day with Jeff Gardner (Hawthorne candidate), Ed Zipprich (Assembly LD11), Marie Corfield (Assembly LD16) & Jan Bidwell (Senate, LD39):

Hawthorne Canvass Kickoff

Time: 10:00am

Address: Democratic Campaign HQ, 164 Warburton Ave., Hawthorne, NJ

On street parking available.

Contact: Patrick Alexander, Field Director 973-897-3296

Ed Zipprich Fundraiser

Time 1:00pm

Suggested Donation: $35

Address: Trevi Pizza, 570 Park Ave., Freehold, NJ

On street parking available

Contact: Tony Coppola

Event on Facebook.

Marie Corfield – Progressive Day of Action & Oktoberfest

Time: 1pm (canvass & phone bank) & 4pm Oktoberfest Party Fundraiser

Suggested donation: $40 (free for anyone canvassing/phoning)

Address: 244 Skillman Rd, Skillman NJ

Parking: on the big front lawn

Contact: Dan Siegel, Campaign Manager or 267-625-1529

Event on Facebook

Gardner/Bidwell Fundraiser

Time: 7:00pm

Suggested Donation: $25 to each candidate

Address: Plumley Residence, 121 Glen Ave., Midland Park, NJ

On street parking available (same side of Glen Ave. only)

Contact: Jeff Gardner 973-951-7081 or Matt McGovern 720-309-8701

Event on Facebook.