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Watch: Nutley Commissioner Steve Rogers slams Ferguson’s Capt. Ron Johnson

Gratitude to johnleesandiego (his post here) for tipping us to Nutley Commissioner Steve Rogers’ appearance on Fox & Friends yesterday. Rogers is also an expert in community policing. I consume a fair amount of far-right filtered information because I like to see how they charge up their masses (ask me about my Rush Limbaugh habit – no, don’t). But even I don’t watch Fox & Friends except, rarely, in clips.

So, this, with the host bemoaning “the violence … and the looting!” as though the unrest comes from the ether, is a revelation to me. I should know better. Here, the enormously skilled lawman turned lawbreaker train wreck turned Fox News guest, Rogers and Fox News’ Bo Dietl talk Ferguson.

captain-ron-johnsonRogers has a problem with  Captain Ron Johnson (pictured at right) the widely respected Missouri Highway Patrol lawman now in charge of police in Ferguson. Rogers thinks it’s a problem Johnson didn’t know there was a disconnect between community and police till now. Rogers’ criticism reads like somebody who thinks Johnson’s been in charge all along, instead of being placed there to take charge during an emergency the local chief couldn’t handle. He says Johnson, who is black and originally from the Ferguson area, “took sides,” “emboldened the wrong people” and should be relieved of command. Fox News contributor Bo Dietl, who frankly seems stupid, explains how unarmed Mike Brown got shot in the head: “Bullets go that way.” Behold: