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News Round-up & Open Thread, Sunday August 6, 2006

Sorry this is so late today, but I just got back from a couple days of vacation.  Here’s the news for today…

  • The executive editor of the Daily Record says if all the special session does is find creative new ways to play Three Card Monte with our money, then there is no point and it remind him of nothing more than a scene from the movie “Dave”
  • A spokeswoman for the Department of Environmental Protection said that there were no permits needed from the DEP to turn a site of a former thermometer making company into a daycare center.  In fact, the DEP thought the site was a vacant lot.  So i guess the DEP isnt worried about children being exposed to mercury.
  • The Gloucester County times says the Zulima Farber situation is becoming a campaign issue in the US Senate Race. It must be easier for Junior to talk about this than Social Security.
  • An investigation into bill padding by workers in the Treasury department is still ongoing with one lawmaker saying, “Taxpayers are likely to lose out because state workers who’ve been suspended — with pay — do not have to repay taxpayers.”
  • Five years ago, it was estimated that the NJ State House needed $90 million in renovations, but still nothing major has been done on the building which was built in 1792.
  • Apparently everyone is offended now in the immigration battle dividing Riverside in Burlington County.
  • A Superior Court judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit accusing two Xanadu developers of trying to renege on building a minor league ballpark in the Meadowlands.

    Did I miss anything?  Whats on your mind?