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Rutgers Complex Governance Isn’t Really All that Complex: Part 1 of Improving Rutgers Governance

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Understanding Rutgers governance is really just a simple matter of understanding that Rutgers fulfills three missions that have developed over time. Rutgers was founded as a colonial college in 1766, became a land grant university in 1864, and agreed to become New Jersey’s public university in 1956 with the establishment of the Rutgers Compact between the Rutgers Board of Trustees and The State of New Jersey.  

Transactional Politics Won’t Protect Rutgers Institutional Integrity

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Throughout his career John Farmer, the former NJ Attorney General and Current Rutgers General Counsel, has been a sane voice of reason in the most complicated of circumstances. His reasoned counsel won him recognition as one of New Jersey’s top general counsel’s this year by NJ Biz. But General Farmer’s reasoned counsel in the ongoing matter of State Senator Steve Sweeney vs. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, puts Rutgers at risk and fails to support  General Farmer’s comprehensive view of New Jersey and Rutgers history, institutional heritage, laws and public policies.  

NJ State Support of Rutgers Doesn’t Merit 63% Control of RU Governing Board

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Rumor has it that the badly flawed bill S1860, sponsored by State Senate President Sweeney, will come up for a vote today.

S1860 is probably illegal according to an opinion released by New Jersey’s Office of Legislative Services (OLS) yesterday.

In addition to flouting state and constitutional law, the bill gives the state 63% control of the Rutgers Board of Governors while the state provides only 19.5% of Rutgers $3.6 billion dollar budget.  In general, New Jersey provides less than 25% of Rutgers budget and is usually below 20% in direct state support for Rutgers. Direct state appropriations to Rutgers for FY2013 were actually less than 1995’s Direct State appropriations and have been on a steady decline since Governor Christie assumed office and Senator Sweeney became Senate President.