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Find your polling place

Just in case any of your friends and neighbors have registered, but aren’t sure where they go to vote, the NJ Division of Elections has a polling place search.

The following information is required Street Address, Street Name, City and County or Street Address, Street Name and Zip Code.

If an exact match is found in our records, you will be provided with your Polling Place, Voting Area District and the County Election Official information.

The polls are open from 6am until 8pm.  Be patient as you may experience heavy traffic at some locations.  If you’ve already voted absentee, you don’t have to worry about any of this.  Either way, happy voting!

VOTE ABSENTEE! 10 Minutes to Hack 10,000 Voting Machines

If you needed any other reason beyond long lines, frustrated voters and reducing confusion in this blowout election, here’s yet another reason to VOTE BY MAIL!

Some 10,000 voting machines throughout New Jersey could be hacked into in less than 10 minutes to manipulate vote tallies, which critics say puts the integrity of elections in New Jersey into question, according to a once-suppressed report by a Princeton University computer scientist released to the public Friday.

Is one of these machines in your polling place?  For use with your district?  Could you protect yourself by voting through the US Mail instead of using one of these machines?

You betcha.  Vote absentee.

Here’s the Scoop On Absentee Ballots

Today is the last day for people to register to vote.  New registrants need to have their ballot in to the County Board of Elections by 9 p.m. tonight.

As we’ve noted a few times on this site, there are going to be long lines and problems at the polls.  You can save yourself some hassle and reduce those lines for others by voting absentee prior to the election.

To vote absentee you must apply with the County Clerk in your County.  Here’s a list.

You can apply by mail if you do so by October 28th.  I think that means the application has to arrive by the 28th, but I am not sure.  To be safe, send yours in today.  

Here’s a PDF of the application and another one in Spanish.

Should you miss this deadline you can still get an absentee ballot if you show up in the County Clerk’s Office before 3 p.m. on Monday November 3rd.  Again, here’s a list of County Clerks in NJ.

You don’t have to be absent to vote absentee.  In fact, you can vote absentee and then spend your day standing 100 feet away from your polling place waving Obama/Biden placards if you want.  

Voting absentee is simply a way to remove one person from the long lines, reducing the potential for problems and the likelihood that someone will decide the lines are too long and just go back to work without voting.

Endorsement: Hope over despair

More than a year ago, I stepped forward to say that I though John Edwards was the best man to become the next President of the United States.  I admired his ability to remember his roots without making a huge issue of it.  And I fervently believe that his agenda of social and economic justice is the all-encompassing issue that will define America for the next generation.  Either we will return the feet of our nation to righteousness, liberty, and true opportunity or we will degenerate into a de facto aristocracy where one part of our population never knows want and the other knows nothing else.

Edwards, of course, is no longer in the running.  Our choices have been narrowed by the economics of electoral politics to Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama.  Not long ago I would have viewed either as being equally desirable.  I would have promised to work as hard for either one after the nomination process drew to a close.  While I find Obama’s rhetoric to be inspiring, I was nagged by several reservations.  Chief among them was the horrible sinking feeling in my gut that America simply will not elect a black man.

Click on through.

Primary Day

Today, I laughed as I cast my ballot for the whole Real Bergen Dems slate in Column 1 and then picked the top three spots in Column 2 – for Weinberg, Huttle and Johnson.

I gave old Bergen County politics the 1, 2.

Our Column one looked solid – formidable even next to Boss Joe’s Column 2. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the irony of having our team on Column 1, it was particularly sweet since last year, Shama Haider and all of us incumbents on the County Committee in Tenafly were shooed over to Column 4.  Now Boss Joe knows how it feels to get kicked to the curb. 

He thought he owned Column 1.  It was never his.  It was OURS – the Bergen County Democrats -the ones he tried to punish for .. gasp… actually exercising our Special Election votes for Loretta Weinberg.  State Senator Loretta Weinberg, who helped let our voters know last year where to find us on the ballot and defended our candidates this year when Boss Joe tried to get our slate disbanded.

Lets see how this all turns out – I feel like I am reading a page-turner and I only have a few more pages to go………

Don’t Stay Home

Well, it’s getting down to the wire.  Primary Day.  Tuesday.  The day the status quo politicians wish everyone would stay home and let the party bosses pick your candidates for you.  Don’t give away your power to shape your party.  Vote on Primary Day. 

Even if there is no Presidential race – Don’t stay home.

Even if there is no Gubernatorial race – Don’t stay home.

Even if there is no Senate Race – Don’t stay home.

Even if there is no Congressional race – Don’t stay home.

Even if there is no contested State House race – Don’t stay home.

Even if there is no contested County election – Don’t stay home. 

Even if there does not appear to be a contested local election – Don’t stay home.

Even if you think your candidate is safe –   Don’t stay home.

Even if you think your vote doesn’t matter –  Don’t stay home. 

Even if you think you can’t win a real Boss battle –  Don’t stay home.

Even if you are afraid they won’t count your vote –  Don’t stay home.

Even if you are afraid they will turn you away – Don’t stay home. 

Even if you think they will intimidate you –  Don’t stay home.  You can call and report it. 

Even if you don’t have a way to get there –  Don’t stay home. You can call and get a ride there.

Even if they have to give you a provisional ballot – Don’t stay home.  Provisional Ballots count too.

Even if you have to work –   Don’t just go home.  The polls are open early and late.

If you don’t know who the candidates are –  Find out.  But whatever you do, on Primary day – Don’t Stay Home.

Unless of course, you have filled out and sent in your absentee ballot.

But otherwise – DON’T STAY HOME this Tuesday.  Please. 

Thank you Thank you Thank you

It appears sanity won out.  This time.  We arrived early to pass out homemade posters to our fellow CC members, and we stood in the cold till our feet and hands froze, then we went in and voted NO on the bylaws and then went back outside to implore our fellow committee members to Vote NO, and asked them not to dilute our votes. 
We chanted “Say NO to Joe” and gave detailed interviews to the press who, thankfully were present and trying to get exit interviews with the folks coming out of the building.

Inside, it was the first time I saw the Chairman not smiling broadly at an election.  His attorney Dennis Oury stepped outside later only to try to shoo us CC members away from the door with the excuse that in another hour some children would be leaving the school to be picked up by their parents. 

When the children finally left the building at 6 they seemed thoroughly thrilled by the whole affair and asked lots of questions about what was going on.  I told them we were all Democrats and that they were witnessing democracy.  One little girl of 11 told me that Hillary is her hero.  Some of them asked if they could hold up our signs for us.  Michael Wildes poked his head out the door, sensing a photo op, then quickly ducked back inside when he saw what our signs said.  It was rather funny…..

We didn’t need too many protesters there, the CC members themselves wound up taking up signs after voting and standing on the steps to plead with those entering to Vote NO.  We had big stickers that simply said NO on them.  Although the sign holding went on outside in the cold, many CC members proudly wore their NO stickers into the voting room. 

Apparently Ferriero’s friends needed to do the kind of arm-twisting the Republican Congress used to do when they would hold a vote open for hours while pressuring the last few fence sitters that it would in their best interest to vote with the party.

The next bylaws vote will probably try to change the notice to about an hour, because giving us a week was clearly enough time to rally the grassroots. 

So, thank you for helping us spread the word.  An informed electorate is the only way to go.

Registered Voter? Already Decided? Vote by Mail!

UPDATE #2: If you need it, the NJ Elections Home Page‘s “NJ Voter Bulletin Board” provides a full list of all the 2006 deadlines for registrations, absentee ballot applications, voting, etc.

I love voting. I love walking into the polling place, greeting the poll workers, signing the book, walking into the booth, and casting my ballot. But, this year, not to be outdone by a certain former governor, I’m embarking on my own journey of self-discovery – I’m voting absentee.

I was intimidated at first, but it actually seems quite easy! All you have to do is print this out (it’s also available en espanol), fill it out, and mail it to your County Clerk at least 7 days before the election (that means mail by October 30th this year to be safe). Your ballot will then be mailed directly to you with instructions. 

Don’t trust the mail? That’s okay too! You can bring your application in person to the County Clerk any time from right this moment until 3:00 p.m. the day before the election.

I’m literally filling out my application today. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes, but in the meantime, join me!

In New Jersey, ANY voter can vote by absentee ballot for ANY election. Unlike the old days, YOU DO NOT NEED A REASON to vote by absentee ballot. (Though on the flip – I’ll give you some great reasons for doing it!)