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How to Vote in New Jersey

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April 27, 1994 – Big day in voting history

Somewhere in my house, there’s a little, creased yellow Post-It note with words quickly scrawled on it in my handwriting. From 1994. It doesn’t really have a place; it doesn’t live in a desk drawer or file cabinet. Part of the reason is my sloppy housekeeping. Most of the reason is that every time I find it, I have to sit down and remember all over again one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen on the news. Things I wrote down on the first little scrap I could get to, so I’d never forget.

Election Day April 27, 1994 South Africa

Why Natural Gas is NO Cure for Climate Change

Promoted by Rosi. Listen live to Senate fracking discussion.

Update: I added a new NASA link on the science of methane:  

Here are the things I want The NJ Senate Environment Committee to think about before they are asked to vote on the fracking ban today.

NASA recently came out with a study that methane – which is released from natural gas well drilling, is 25 times more potent a greenhouse gas – than CO2 in affecting Climate Change. And yet every day I hear politicians who claim to be for solving the Climate Change problem bring up Natural Gas as a solution.  I know NASA can be very technical and difficult to understand, but our elected officials need to understand this.  ASAP.  I am tired of shouting at my TV at elected officials with the power to make very bad decisions who spout ill-informed glowing assessments of how natural gas will save us.

Levels of methane had been stable for years until 2007 – when the shale gas boom started.  Here is another article from  NASA in 2004 about methane BEFORE the huge increase that goes into a lot of detail about the science: http://www.giss.nasa.gov/resea…

Let me repeat and emphasize: Methane is not better than CO2 for Climate Change – it is worse. Natural Gas should not be part of any Climate Change solution for the simple reason that it is part of the problem.  For years the methane levels stayed the same – but since the fracking boom it has jumped suddenly.  Which may be part of the reason we are seeing  surprising climate shifts so much earlier than expected.

For years scientists were concerned about methane – mainly the vast stores of it under the frozen arctic that would be released by a warming ocean. But we need to address the component now being released by wanton gas drilling.

Joe Cryan Speaks for Marriage Equality

cryan_colorThis speech made me cry.

I think it was because Joe Cryan talked about two people I talked about this week when I was trying to convince a Republican friend to see this issue – and the people it most deeply affects – differently.

Cryan tells their stories. And I think it’s important to tell stories of where Republicans stand for the rights of gay people, and for fairness in marriage. Over the last two years, we’ve seen that shift in members of both parties in New Jersey, people who found their way to this vote. And as a court case makes its way through the NJ courts, we have another two years to convince some of our Republican legislators that there are things more important than the party discipline required by a strongwilled governor.

Here’s the video of what he Joe Cryan said on the Assembly floor, shot by Deciminyan. Below the fold, as a bonus, are videos of both speeches Cryan talked about. Both of them – Rep. John Kriesel of Minnesota and Rep. Maureen Walsh of Washington – are Republicans who came to support marriage equality by very different routes.

Open Thread: Full Assembly Votes on NJ Marriage Equality

Well, this is it.

The vote count in the Assembly have never been as secure as the votes in the Senate. So, today we will see if there has been the same kind of movement in the legislature’s lower house as we saw last week in the upper house.

Two ways you can follow the discussion and vote:

  • Watch Live here.

    Note: You will need Windows Media Player, which you can download free at the bottom of the legislature’s media page. Session is scheduled to begin at noon. But frequently, they’re late. Refresh the media page often. When you see the ‘Pending’ notification go to ‘Listen’, you should be able to hear the proceedings.

  • Follow us on Twitter @bluejersey.

    The fight for civil rights has never been about granting them. It’s always been about recognizing rights. This fight is about fairness in marriage, about recognizing the rights of gay people’s families to be as supported by their communities, by their states and by the laws that govern us all.

    And, for me, it has always been about what we do for younger people. For most young adults of both parties, this is a settled question. They accept gay people marrying, they expect acceptance for their own lives and the lives of their friends. Part of life is love, part of love is hope. There are a lot of young eyes on today’s vote. They want to see what kind of New Jersey will belong to them.