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Rothman proves my point

This sounds like good legislation. Thanks, didn’t know about this.

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I recently wrote a blog post here on Blue Jersey endorsing Steve Rothman in his 9th District Congressional primary.  I tried to intimate that although his actual voting record was very similar to that of Bill Pascrell, and both had excellent voting records on LGBT issues, there was a significant actual difference between the two legislators.

On Wednesday I attended the rally for Steve Rothman where President Obama’s Senior Adviser David Axelrod came to NJ to personally endorse Congressman Rothman and give a strong sense of the high regard in which he is held in DC.

Steve’s Chief of Staff, Tom O’Donnell came over to me to talk about a new piece of LGBT legislation that Rothman had just introduced. (For those of you who might ask…. Yes, he’s the same Tom O’Donnell that used to be Rush Holt’s COS). It seems that Cong. Rothman was reading a news article this month about a judge in San Diego who dismissed an entire jury panel in a case involving same-sex marriage activists, saying the prosecutors’ rejection of a possible juror because of his sexual orientation violated the defendants’ rights to a representative jury.

As some people know, an attorney cannot use a peremptory challenge to remove a juror because of the juror’s race or gender. Only in California and Oregon have they extended that rule (Batson) by legislation to include sexual orientation.

Proactively, without the influence of any lobbyist or activists, seeing another area of life where LGBT people could face discrimination, he introduced the Juror Non-Discrimination Act of 2012. This bill, known as HR 5848, prohibits the exclusion of individuals from service on a federal jury because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Now Tom mentioned this to me because I have contacts on the Hill and asked if I would help spread the word to get co-sponsors, but this was a story I also need to tell here, at home,  with so much on the line.

Like I’ve been saying all along, he “gets it”, and he proactively finds ways to address and fight discrimination wherever it may be. His actions speak very loud and strong and true for inclusive LGBT and progressive issues.

The Mudslinging in the 9th is Landing in the 5th

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It’s time for a little inside baseball…

At the March 15th BCDC Convention, Steve Rothman defeated Bill Pascrell for the party’s endorsement in the upcoming June 5th primary.  By winning the endorsement, Rothman will appear on the same line as the BCDC’s endorsed candidates for President – Barack Obama, U.S. Senate – Bob Menendez, Congress – Adam Gussen and Freeholder (2 freeholder seats are up this year) – Tracy Zur and Steve Tanelli.

In an attempt to mitigate the value of the BCDC endorsement, Pascrell has formed his own slate of candidates to run under the banner of “Bergen County Democrats 2012.”  This slate will not include a candidate for Senate nor will it include the name of the President at the top of the ticket.  However, it will include two Freeholder candidates hand-picked by Bill Pascrell and Jason Castle, a Congressional candidate running in the 5th District.

Just to clarify and confusion, Bergen County is divided into parts of two different Congressional districts; the 5th and the 9th.  In the 5th District, Adam Gussen, Jason Castle and LaRouche Democrat Diane Sare are vying for the chance to face Republican incumbent Scott Garrett in the fall.  In the 9th, two incumbents, Steve Rothman and Bill Pascrell are running against each other in the primary due to redistricting that always occurs following the census.

Chris Christie’s Absence In NJ 8th Congressional Race

Edited to include a link to johnleesandiego’s vivid 10/15 account of the Straten Town Hall meeting he mentions – and – wow, Bret Schundler appearing with Straten sounds like a big deal to me. – promoted by Rosi

With nary a fortnight until the critical midterm election the biggest man in Republican politics seems absent in the race for New Jersey’s 8th Congressional District. But Bret Schundler will be there.

The 8th congressional district spans portions of Passaic and Essex Counties and included communities a braod sprectrum of communities including Montclair, Wayne, Paterson, and Nutley. The district is currently represented by Democrat William Pascrell Jr who is seeking his eighth term in office. His Republican challenger is small business owner Roland Straten.

After attending an eye-opening Town Hall meeting sponsored by the Straten campaign (where same-sex marriage was viewed as a threat to national security and the false claim of illegal immigrants beheading people in Arizona was made) I attempted to find out more about Straten and came away with more questions that answers.

Later this week the Straten campaign is scheduled to hold an event with “special guest Bret Schundler”. Schundler as you may recall is the former education chieft who left his position after the Christie adminitration flushed $400 million of federal education funding down the crapper. Its a pretty fair assumption that Christie and Schundler are not going to exchange Christmas cards this year.

So my questions are, if Christie, whose popularity in the GOP is only dwarfed by dancing sensation Bristol Palin, is the biggest man in conservative politics, why do we see someone he fired stumping for Straten? Does Christie view the 8th District as unwinnable? Or is Christie aware of the racially charged views of other “special guests” of the Straten campaign? (Of course Christie may have made a statement somewhere along the way but with Bristol stealing all the headlines maybe I missed them)

NJ Congressional Candidate Roland Straten’s Nutley Townhall: It’s All About “Them”

Police detectives talking God and socialism and traditional marriage … firefighters talking Ground Zero Victory Mosque … “Sand Flea” talk from the audience   … Um Wow. – promoted by Rosi

Roland Straten held a Town Hall Meeting on homeland security in Nutley NJ Tuesday night October 12 in his campaign to unseat incumbent William Pascrell Junior as Congressman from New Jersey’s 8th Congressional District. The evening revealed more about his supporters than the candidate.

The candidate spoke briefly, touching on his background as a business owner and his belief that people are in a better position to make choices than government. Straten’s campaign uses the mantras of “Less Government” and “Lower Taxes” which seemed okay, but his choice of guest speakers provided irony to the evening. Both speakers have worked their entire lives on the public payroll.

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Garrett and the Ghost of Nor’Easter Future

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With Representative Scott Garrett’s tour of some of the flood damaged towns in the Fifth, he reports he’s seen first hand how hard hit the area is and how extensive the damage has been. I have little doubt his staff is going to do everything they can to help residents get FEMA aid if the disaster area declaration comes down. His staff always receives high marks for fulfilling this aspect of their duty, it’s a shame Garrett cannot have the same said about him.

At issue is not this particular flood, there’s really nothing that could have changed the outcome of this particular storm. However, over a month ago Garrett voted against providing funding for projects to prevent the overwhelming damage suffered in our District, state and region. While a storm like we just had will cause flooding, the extent of the damage would be lessened with a modern sewer system. With his vote against Representative Bill Pascrell’s bill to provide funding to upgrade combined sewer systems, Garrett in essence was voting in favor of more extensive than necessary flood damage.