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Democrat. Republican. Liberal. Conservative. Green, Libertarian, Tea Party.

These are labels that the mainstream media apply to politicians. Sometimes they are appropriate. But most of the time they fit like a pair of baggy pants on an anorexic supermodel.

Take our governor. What label fits Chris Christie? Certainly, he’s a Republican, isn’t he? He’s the outgoing chair of the Republican Governor’s Association, delivered a self-serving keynote speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention, and is a top-tier contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

But not all agree. At least by their definition of “Republican.”  

Far Be it From Me To Defend Tom MacArthur, But …

Red State proves once again that conservatives are great at outrage but pretty damned awful at knowledge and governing.

The nuts at Red State have decided that lifelong Republican, highly successful businessman and multi-term Mayor Tom MacArthur is a RINO because when he was a Councilman and Mayor taxes went up.  Oh, and he was in the insurance industry.

Where they truly show their ignorance is in this one, beautiful paragraph:

But in April 2013, the city council of Randolph, NJ under Tom MacArthur raised taxes 3.69% in one year, despite noting that the town’s ratable base actually contracted in size.

The Red State guys are confusing spending with tax rates.  Sure, the Randolph NJ tax rate rose 3.69% in 2013 but spending rose far less.  

How is that possible?

Because “the town’s ratable base actually contracted in size.”  See, the tax rate is a ratio of the value of land and buildings — knows as “ratables” — in the town divided by the dollars budgeted by the town.  If the value of the ratables in town fall then even a flat spending year will result in a rise in the tax rate.

So the “damning” “despite noting that” line is actually exculpatory for MacArthur.