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News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, September 14, 2015


  • Christie’s reaction to the news about former PA Chair David Samson: “Let’s stop just reading the newspapers.” Oh really?
  • After NYC Police Commissioner said Christie made “a bit of a fool of himself” for criticizing NYC’s mayor on crime statistics, Christie, ignoring NJ’s crime problems, charged the commissioner with being “completely ridiculous.”

  • An interesting article on the origin of the feud between Christie and NYPD.

  • The NJ Casino Windfall Is Dead. Long Live Atlantic City! – Part III

  •  Do you want four garish casinos in northern New Jersey with “such themes as the Wild West, New Orleans, or Monte Carlo?”

  •  Do you want the State to offer “tax rebates, incentives, and transportation enhancements” for such a project?

  •  With NJ casinos and the state lottery raking in about $7 billion last year do you want the state to encourage more people to gamble, affecting negatively in particular the poor and the addicts?

  •  Do you believe “these new proposals are not intended to lure visitors away from the state’s struggling casinos in Atlantic City?”

  •  With casino revenue decreasing in New Jersey and our neighboring states is this a sound business plan?

  •  With New York seeking proposals to add a new casino only ten miles across the northern Bergen County border, do gaming facilities in the Meadowlands seem like a sustainable venture?

  •  Do you think these casinos will pay most of their staff a decent salary?

    Such is what the Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce proposed on Tuesday. To sweeten the pot, the promoters say a portion of the taxes received will go to the state pension plan and to help revitalize Atlantic City. May be so, but given the regional competition and decreasing revenue is it worth the gamble?  

    If you were the governor would you encourage this plan or seek other more promising ventures to help our economy?

    Part I talks about the end of the NJ casino windfall and Part II provides a walk up the Atlantic City boardwalk with snapshots of people and places where three casinos are about to close.

  • ICYMI: CWA ad against Christie lottery privatization

    It never ends with Chris Christie, who like so many in the GOP wants to open more and more government function to privatization and tycoon opportunism. CWA began running this ad this week, charging that Christie’s lottery plan would outsource work to foreign corporations, put even more New Jerseyans out of work and hurt small, local businesses. In a state where the famous governor distracts voters with his carefully crafted Jersey guy act and more TV exposure than Snooki, will this really fly in a state with the 4th-highest unemployment in the USA?

    News Round-up & Open Thread, Tuesday July 25, 2006

    Lots of News today…

  • Gov. Corzine and Sen. Menendez said they’ll wait for an investigation to be completed before passing judgment on Attorney General Zulima Farber.  My Judgement, if she isn’t gonna resign, she should stop talking because she’s not helping herself.
  • Paul Mulshine says the Governor misses the big picture on taxes, but offers this question to Sharpe James…

    Well, I’ve got an urban issue for you, senator: If the people of Newark are as broke as you say they are, how can they afford to give you $124,654 a year?

  • A Press Conference in Trenton yesterday highlighted the fact that Junior agrees w/ President Bush about wanting to privatize Social Security.  Rather than answering the charges made against him, Junior attacked Menendez once again.  I’m shocked.
  • The Arohnson campaign has launched their new website with some real nice features including a google map for you to follow paul’s walk across the district, new video and a flash rollover comparing the candidates.  Check it out…
  • 1200 nurses will be picketing outside Virtua Hospital in Voorhees today.  They have been working w/out a contract since June 11.
  • You’ve heard of selling buildings or the turnpike, but the Daily Record asks how bout selling the NJ Lottery?
  • A company has nixed plans to build a strip club in Little Egg Harbor after opposition by local residents.  Reverand Steven Overholt responded…

    Overholt said he felt like “God answered our prayers” when he heard the news that the plan to build a Delilah’s Den was dead.

  • From Think Progress, “In a letter to Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), the CIA said it had no record of anyone in the administration who is no longer privy to the nation’s most sensitive secrets because of the Plame leak.”

    Thats all folks…