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President Christie’s Cabinet

Well, this is amusing. Promoted by Rosi.

Now that the world knows that Chris Christie appoints unqualified loyalists to key government positions, let’s speculate on how a President Christie Cabinet might shape up. Which of his cronies would he appoint to key cabinet positions? I’ll start. You can suggest alternatives.

  • State: Michael Patrick Carroll

  • Treasury: George Norcross III

  • Defense: Bill O’Reilly

  • Attorney General: Rob Andrews.

  • Interior: David Koch

  • Agriculture: Ed Forchion (Never gonna happen, but would be great in the job!)

  • Commerce: Haley Barbour

  • Labor: Steve Sweeney

  • Health & Human Services: John Tomicki

  • Housing & Urban Development: David Samson

  • Transportation: Bridget Kelly

  • Energy: Charles Koch

  • Education: Cami Anderson

  • Homeland Security: Todd Christie

  • UN Ambassador: Michael Drewniak