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Holt: not so coy any more

Rush Holt’s campaign office sent out an email today that contained the entire article in PoliticsNJ.com that Jenny mentioned earlier regarding Holt’s subtle courting of Corzine for his Senate seat.

At the end of the PoliticsNJ article, there is some skeptism about Holt’s chances:

“I don’t think people know him around the state, particularly in the party structure, like they do Andrews or Menendez,” O’Neil said.  “He’d have work to do.  And I’m not sure about fund-raising.”

Holt’s email refutes both of these points. First on the issue of name recognition:

As flattering as this article is, there are a couple of additional points worth making.  The first is that Rush’s name recognition around the state is strong.  According to a recent poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University, Rush’s “name ID” is better than most contenders, and second only to one by barely more than the margin of error.  Additionally, the people that know him have a favorable impression by a whopping 26 points.

Then, on his fundraising capability:

A second point worth addressing is the question about Rush’s fundraising.  Rush has proven that he can raise substantial sums when necessary.  In 2000, for example, he raised $2.6 million – with an average donation of roughly $200!  In every election, he has asked for donations only when needed, and has always run a frugal campaign.

The irony of this email is that while the content of the article was about Rush’s subtle attempts at wooing Corzine, it ends with a not so subtle plea to constituents to help him flex his fundraising muscles and prove himself capable of filling his campaign coffers.

He has been able to do that only through your support.  Won’t you consider contributing today to show the “chattering class” what Rush is capable of?

I’d love to see Holt become our next Senator, but one concern that isn’t addressed and that may plague him is the possibility of creating two competitive races if he were to leave his Congressional seat:

“I also think that the Holt scenario overlooks the fact that there will be significant national Democratic Party opinion expressed on this race,” said Tom O’Neil, a party strategist.  “And they’re going to look at Holt and say, ‘Wait a minute— now you’ve put a Senate seat in play and a House seat.’  That’s different than with Menendez or Andrews, who are from much safer House districts.”

This situation underscores the importance of contesting every race in order to train and build the farm team for future races.