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Building in the Storm’s Path

In the newspaper version of harmonic convergence, the Star-Ledger and the Asbury Park Press have come up with Sunday stories that complement and enhance each other. Kind of spooky, eh? Sure is — especially when you read the stories.

We begin, innocently enough, with this Star-Ledger piece about the dwindling islands of New Jersey and the people who live on them. Of course it mentions Barley Point, that wonderfully unlikely cluster of cottages on the Navesink River, in the shadow of Rumson’s mansions, that harken back to the days when vacationing on the Shore was still a heavily working class affair. (I have an uncle who recalls the pre-Parkway days when Shore real estate was available for a song, and a cluster of Scandinavian families lived at Point Pleasant — Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is all that remains of those days.)

But I’d never heard of Middle Sedge Island, a 25-acre tidewater island at the north end of Barnegat Bay where a custom-built mansion went up in 1990. I’m sure it’s a gorgeous place to live, but if anything exemplifies the basic craziness of Shore development, this three-story folly with all the amenities available to the wealthy (including a helicopter landing pad) is it.