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Bridgegate – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Bridgegate saga has a lot of characters. Some we have known for while, and some who we are just meeting for the first time. Here’s a partial cast.

The Good

Transportation Committee Chair John Wisniewski. His measured, calm response provides a nice counterpoint to the governor’s obfuscation, word parsing, and bombast. If Senator Sweeney and Mayor Fulop batter each other sufficiently in the next three years, Wisniewski could rise as the logical Democratic gubernatorial candidate in 2017.

Local Media: Rachel Maddow covered this well last night. In this day of cutbacks and downsizing of traditional print journalism, reporters like Shawn Boberg of the Bergen Record rise to the top with their relentless pursuit of the truth. Maybe the Fourth Estate isn’t dead after all.

Mark Sokolich. The Mayor of Fort Lee put his constituents ahead of politics and stood up to the bully-in-chief.

The Bad

David Wildstein. By placing his loyalty with the Christie machine instead of the people he’s paid to serve, by using private e-mail for his insensitive rants, and by his role in the bridge closing, Wildstein is the head villain of Bridgegate.

New Jersey Republican legislators. For giving Chris Christie a pass with only pro forma statements decrying the abuse of power.

Bridget Kelly. She had a promising career in politics, but got involved with the wrong crowd. Whether she is the perpetrator or just the scapegoat, she joins people like Golan Cipel as footnotes in the history of the downfall of political stars.

The Ugly

Chris Christie for perpetuating the stereotype of New Jersey as a bunch of boorish ethically-challenged egotists. Whether he gave the order to close the lanes or not, his half-hearted apology doesn’t cut it and his management style shows that he’s not fit to be an effective chief executive.

Brian Stack. Because, well…  he’s Brian Stack, the Chief Christiecrat.