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It’s Not You, It’s … History

Earlier this week Chuck Todd of Hotline moved New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District out of its top 50 hot races.  It had moved to number 47 recently, and because they don’t give any rankings above 50 we don’t know where it was or where it will go.

However, I e-mailed Todd to see what was going on. It seemed like with the recent Netroots endorsement, the DCCC Red to Blue inclusion, and Linda Stender outraising Mike Ferguson in the 2Q that this race should have moved up.

Here’s what he had to say:

it’s less about NJ 07 and more about the rest of the nation… That said, the reason we are more likely to drop a NJ 07 than another race is simply history.  Dems have always had a hard time closing the deal in this CD and then there’s the national money commit… will it come.  It’s a very expensive CD…

So before all the right wing nuts get excited at this “demotion,” the race is still tough but competetive.

You can help Linda make it more competetive by dropping her $5, $10, $25 or $2100 though the Blue Jersey Act Blue fundraising page!