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Cory Booker on Meet the Press: Infrastructure

Yesterday was a packed day, with President Obama in New Jersey. And today, I’m stuck at the car dealership. So I wanted to go back and pick up Sen. Cory Booker’s appearance on Meet the Press Sunday. Chuck Todd pitches him the Republican claim that Democrats are trying to politicize Amtrak’s Philadelphia derailment. Booker calls that a distraction, and he’s right. Republicans over the last decade, and particularly since GOP control of Congress, have governed by failing to govern, refusing to invest, refusing to spend and looking to blame somebody else for the consequences of that. But starving Amtrak and infrastructure investment is more than just a Republican mistake; both parties bear responsibility, and both will now be required to prevent the next Amtrak disaster, or bridge failure, or airport or road disaster. Infrastructure is the backbone of well-functioning economies. As a nation, we have to decide if that’s what we want to be. Booker:

As China invests about 9% of their GDP in infrastructure, Japan 6%, Europe 5%, America is only doing 1.5%. By withholding this investment in what America used to dominate the globe in – the number 1 infrastructure globally – now out of the top 10, depending who you look at, number 12 or 18th, we are losing economic competitiveness, we are losing out on jobs, we are missing out on growth.

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ICYMI: Weinberg on MTP, Wiz on This Week & BWC on UP with Steve Kornacki (Videos)

We’ve already posted video from Steve Kornacki’s Sunday show, his very strange Q & A with Belmar’s mayor (see Steve Kornacki asks Matt Doherty a direct question. Does he answer it?). I want to post 3 more for you, in case you missed them. Loretta on MTP was especially good.  Below the fold, John Wisniewski on This Week and Bonnie Watson Coleman doesn’t back down on Kornacki.

Loretta Weinberg on Meet the Press (Chuck Todd subbing for David Gregory): Weinberg gives the specifics of what’s wrong with Mastro’s “report”. By contrast Rudy Giuliani, also guesting, gets only a nod for admitting Christie’s self-exoneration isn’t conclusive. Then he goes on to defend it extensively. He should be ashamed of himself. Maybe he feels obligated to Christie. But hell. He’s a former federal prosecutor. He knows what a real investigation is supposed to look like. Here’s Weinberg:

On the jump page, the Wisniewski & BWC videos.

“My Guess Is They Win Only One”

So the question is did Chuck Todd forget Dennis Shulman, or is he seeing things the rest of us don’t.  Maybe he expects that the DCCC gave up on Adler and Stender will lose and we’ll see the first blind rabbi in the House.

The Garden State is starting to act like its old self again.  Even in a good Republican year, the state leans Democratic and that seems to be the case again. In another year, I could make the case that Republicans would have a shot at knocking off Sen. Frank Lautenberg, but not this year. Down the ballot, the Democrats are trying to pick off two House seats. If they win them both (my guess is they only win one), it’ll leave the Republicans with just three of the state’s 10 House districts, a real low point for a once proud state Republican Party.

Todd thinks Democrats are only trying to pick off two House seats, when many of us are looking at three.  True, we have our concerns and questions about some of the campaigns and the DCCC, but we are all still hopeful that we will pick up all three seats.

There are a lot of people in New Jersey, Democrats in New Jersey, who are invested in all three campaigns.  We’ve donated time, we’ve donated money, we’ve donated promotion, we’ve donated heart.  

In short, folks here at Blue Jersey and in New Jersey have fought hard for these races.  And folks like Chuck Todd should stop pretending that the national and state parties are “Democrats”.  “Democrats” is far bigger than the operational structures, and the Democrats are fighting for three seats.

It’s Not You, It’s … History

Earlier this week Chuck Todd of Hotline moved New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District out of its top 50 hot races.  It had moved to number 47 recently, and because they don’t give any rankings above 50 we don’t know where it was or where it will go.

However, I e-mailed Todd to see what was going on. It seemed like with the recent Netroots endorsement, the DCCC Red to Blue inclusion, and Linda Stender outraising Mike Ferguson in the 2Q that this race should have moved up.

Here’s what he had to say:

it’s less about NJ 07 and more about the rest of the nation… That said, the reason we are more likely to drop a NJ 07 than another race is simply history.  Dems have always had a hard time closing the deal in this CD and then there’s the national money commit… will it come.  It’s a very expensive CD…

So before all the right wing nuts get excited at this “demotion,” the race is still tough but competetive.

You can help Linda make it more competetive by dropping her $5, $10, $25 or $2100 though the Blue Jersey Act Blue fundraising page!