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QoTD: Christie Presser Edition

Our Quote of the Day is from today’s press conference with Gov. Chris Christie. Christie faced press questions after the resignation, effective immediately, of his top political appointee at Port Authority, Bill Baroni. That came today, after problematic on-the-record Baroni testimony, seemingly contradicted days later by PA Exec Patrick Foye. Baroni’s the second Christie man down at PA, after David Wildstein’s resignation days ago, days after Wall Street Journal identified the longtime Christie friend, and PolitickerNJ founder, as the guy who ordered sudden lane closures that left Fort Lee in traffic chaos for days – 2 weeks after Fort Lee’s mayor refused to endorse Christie.

Christie is accustomed to running every room he steps into, particularly when reporters are present. This time, the questions were dogged, and Christie didn’t always get past them with glib answers. But his damage control efforts made for some twisted syntax, which was noted both at Daily Kos, and here by Ian Reifowitz. Marvel at it:

“I am ultimately responsible for every person that I put into this government and the actions they take. That’s different, obviously, than direct responsibility. But ultimate responsibility? Sure. I understand that.”

                                       – Gov. Chris Christie 12/13/13

QoTD: On using the world’s busiest bridge, and all the cars on it, as a political weapon

Barbara Buono’s quote is actually two days ago, via Twitter. But it sticks out today as especially relevant after an Assembly panel spent much of the day listening to Port Authority ED Patrick Foye try valiantly to stop the agency’s bleeding with the resignation of one guy, Christie’s man David Wildstein:

.@PANYNJ lane closure abuse of authority story remains untold: David Wildstein the Scooter Libby of Christie Adm.

                                          – @BarbaraBuono

And this, a few minutes ago, is what John Wisniewski –  whose  Assembly Transportation Committee questioned Foye, other Port Authority execs and experts all day today – just said about Chris Christie on Maddow:

.“He can’t be trusted to run a toll bridge, how can he be trusted to run a country?”

                                         – John Wisniewski