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My Candidacy for State Assembly in the 11th District

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When I saw the new 11th District Map, I decided after years of working behind the scenes, I wanted to place my name on the ballot. The new 11th Legislative District has 36,643 registered Democrats, 26,405 registered Republicans and 68,899 registered unaffiliated voters. The district is home to Asbury Park, Long Branch, Neptune, Red Bank, Freehold Borough, Tinton Falls and many other beautiful Monmouth County municipalities. Of the 18 towns in the district, 11 of those towns have 4,000 or more registered voters. Out of those 11 towns, 9 of them have more registered Democrats than Republicans, most of them overwhelmingly. 9 of the 11 big towns in the district have more registered Democrats than Republicans.

Get where I’m going with this? It is a Democratic district. Basically all the strong Democratic towns in Districts 11 and 12 got merged while all the strong Republican towns, including Wall (goodbye Sean Kean!), Rumson, Millstone, Brielle, Avon, Monmouth Beach, Sea Girt, Englishtown, Fair Haven, Little Silver (sorry Declan O’Scanlon), Manalapan, and Oceanport all got thrown into other legislative districts. It really is remarkable what happened here!

New Democratic Leadership in Long Branch

Last election cycle the status quo in Long Branch was shaken up when Brian Unger, former Democratic party activist, environmental advocate, and former candidate for state senate, defeated the hand picked candidate of longtime mayor Adam “I love eminent domain” Schneider.  Unger has been shaking up the city establishment pushing to stop eminent domain abuse, open the schneider administration to more transparancy and accountability, stop the privatization of public beachfront property, and turn municipal government back to putting the people first.  You folks at BLue Jersey should notice what's going on in Long Branch, where beating back conflict of interest-riddled local government is working.  Unger has been bold, courageous, and thoughtful in challenging the Schneider regime and his rubber stamp council to put true democratic values first.  This is the start of a real grassroots change in the city which has motivated and emboldened voters across the region.

Long Branch Councilman Pleads Guilty to taking bribe

Not like we need more corruption, but John “Fazz” Zambrano, a city councilman in Long Branch plead guilty this afternoon to accepting a $1,000 bribe.  The councilman accepted a bribe from an undercover FBI agent to steer demolition contracts in the city to certain businesses according to the Asbury Park Press…

Zambrano, who appeared in Federal District Court in Newark today, said he told the FBI informant, whom authorities would not identify, that he would act in Long Branch to get him demolition contracts in exchange for the bribe. Zambrano said he accepted the bribe Nov. 19, 2003 at a party in Atlantic City.

The US Attorney has recomended he be sentenced to between 18 and 24 months in prison.  Zambrano  served on the City Council since 1994 but is expected to resign immediately, according comments by his attorney following the plea.

So for a grand, he lost his job, his reputation, and gets to spend the next year and a half behind bars.  I hope the party was good.

*Update- I found this in another story on the Asbury Park Press website…

Zambrano’s brother, Paul, while serving as mayor of West Long Branch, was the first of 11 Monmouth County officials arrested Feb. 22, 2005, to plead guilty to charges of extorting bribes or money laundering. The arrest was part of Operation Bid Rig, the FBI probe into corruption among officials in Monmouth County.seat.

Their parents must be so proud.